Queen of the Sluts

Nope, the gang here didn’t give me that title. I just come by it naturally. (No, not that way.) Truth is, my nickname for a good many years has been Queen of Everything, so it follows that I get to be the Queen Slut, too, right?

I’d like to promise you that this will be the one and only time I’ll bore you with anything personal about me, but I’d be lying. I don’t know a writer who can totally separate their personal lives from their writing lives. (Write what you know — you’ve heard that old one, haven’t you?) We are, to a large extent, our books and our books are us. Sort of.

I’ve been in this biz way longer than I want to think about. My son was in 2nd grade when I sold my first book. His son (who is amazingly gorgeous and smart) just turned one. So many years, and yet I’ve remained so youthful. Doesn’t it show in my picture?



Let’s see, I’m the sixth poster, I’ve sold more than sixty books, and I share my house with my husband and six unruly, unrepentant dogs, so I guess the number’s significant, at least for the moment. I write romantic suspense, and I love my heroines. I’ve been surrounded by strong women all my life, so it’s only natural that I write my heroines that way. Heck, our pack of puppers has two alphas. Is it any surprise that one of them’s a female?

Or that I hang out here with this bunch of Women?


7 thoughts on “Queen of the Sluts

  1. Hey, if I could find an orange hoodie like Kenny’s . . . it is my color, you know.

    You know the story of the picture, right? So is this my excuse to explain it to everyone else? I decided one foolish day to let my hair grow to ten inches, then I’d donate it to Locks of Loves. So it grew and grew and grew, and by the time I got around to making an appointment with Jeanette to cut itt, it was way down my back. (And I have a LOT of hair.)

    Since I knew it would never, ever be that long again, I had Bob take a before picture of me from the back, then a fourteen-inches-shorter after picture. And I dunno, I like it.

    Favorite of my own books . . . PASSION because it took me a loooong time to work out the kinks in the plot; SWEET ANNIE’S PASS because it’s just . . . well, sweet; SEASON FOR MIRACLES, because that one book turned into a nine-book series and a movie (and it made by far the most money); and MORE THAN A HERO, because I was coming off a truly awful publishing experience and it was the first time in too long that I enjoyed writing again.

  2. Actually, Ash, I think Cameron is THE smartest and most gorgeous one-year-old in the world, but people with other one-year-olds tend to disagree with me. And since I prefer to always be right . . . .

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth! Sometime maybe I’ll dig out the REAL “before” picture — the one where I weighed almost double what I do now. Aaacckk!

    Which of my heroines is most like me? Hmm . . . they all have some part of me in them, though they also have a lot of characteristics that I wish I had or would like to develop. (Like I’m a huge weenie. I don’t know that I’d have the courage to do a lot of what they do — not the dangerous stuff, but like packing up and moving someplace totally new for a new start, or standing up for themselves, or going after what they want.)

    I think one of my favorites is Candace from THE TROUBLE WITH JOSH. She’s a breast cancer survivor who was not a nice person before she got sick. While undergoing chemo and radiation, she came up with this list of things she wanted to do, and as soon as she’s healthy enough, she starts crossing them off, including righting some wrongs. (And LOL, for the record, I wrote this book long before “My Name is Earl” and his famous list of wrongs to right and that movie — what is it? “The Bucket List”?) She has the courage to admit that she’s made a lot of mistakes and does her best to become a better person.

    I’m also very fond of Nolie from CABIN FEVER. I think she might be the most “real” heroine I’ve written. She isn’t beautiful or thin (in fact, she’s a size sixteen, if I remember right), she’s not brimming with confidence, but she’s physically strong and capable and loves her daughter beyond anything — and the gorgeous hunk of a hero thinks she’s perfect. I can relate to Nolie on so many levels!

  4. Oh, my gosh, Elizabeth. Any chance you and the guys could come over to play?
    Jackie (with her tongue hanging out and very unattractive drool dripping from it.)

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