Back in the Saddle?

Here it is January 3, and I haven’t written one new word on TAME, or even flipped through any of the hard copy chapters. What is wrong with me? As the queen of denial, I have a list of excuses & can get creative with them: DH has been home for 2 weeks {heavenly, really!}, the cat/dog/horse/cow/chicken need attention, a bowl game is on, playing Wii, email & social networks have to be checked, the weather is so warm/cold/rainy/sunny–here in northeast Texas all of the can happen in hours–and my favorite, I’m sick &/or tired. Finding out what will get me back into the writing mode is something I have to discover on my own. I won’t find it in a book or in a lecture or even on the yellow brick road. I know it is an internal search, and one that I’ve put off for far too long. See above excuses plus some.  


The beginning of a new year is a time of reflection, progression, and for me, dedication. To myself first. As selfish as this sounds, I can’t be the best mother, wife, sister, friend, writer—yes, I know where I put this—without taking care of me. My daughter received a travel mug that says IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, one of her favorite sayings. Wonder if she’d notice if I took it?


Happy New Year!  



10 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle?

  1. I haven’t looked at mine in a month. But I hadn’t planned on it either. My hubby has been off work more too, and I wanted to spend time with him and the kids. He’ll be off to work and the kids off to school soon and then the holidays will be officially over.
    THEN, I plan to get back at it. Hard at it. Heck, we all know books don’t write themselves. But I gave myself Dec and the holidays off. I knew trying to make some sort of writing goal this time of year would be useless, so I didn’t.
    But come this Sunday, I’ll have a whole new set of goals to acheive. 🙂
    So let this year be ALL ABOUT YOU, Meg. 😉

  2. Too bad you and I can’t do a character-swap, Meg. You’re SOOO good about doing everything but write, and I’m SOOO bad about doing anything but write. My house — why bother to clean it? With six dogs and living on a dirt road, it’s just gonna get dirty again in no time. Cooking? Why, when there are so many convenience foods and restaurants — gotta help that economy. Laundry — well, clean underwear is a necessity, but hey, I can buy enough to last a month or two and do away with that problem. You’re the queen of denial; I’m the queen of doing-nothing-else.

    If I could give you some of my writing genes and you could give me some of your responsibility genes (I’d like some of the capability ones, too, while we’re at it!), we’d both be in a better place!

  3. Thanks, Ash! It’s nice to know that someone else takes off for the holidays! I just can’t beat myself up over not accomplishing. I think my mother gave me the mega guilt gene. Not being able to be the “I can do everything well,” means failure.

    Oh, Marilyn– I would sooo love to have even a smidgeon of your writing genes! I’d swap prepackaged home cooked meals–DH & I just finished smoking 4 briskets, 8 chickens, 2 turkeys & a 16 lb pork roast that I promise rivals The Rib Crib! Made some fantastic mustard base BBQ sauce. Y’all come! 🙂

  4. Y’all come? What time? I’ll be RIGHT there!! My mouth is watering just reading your post. I’m like Marilyn in that I can put off cleaning, I’ve taught DH how to do the laundry (except for my clothes) and take the easiest route possible when I comes to cooking. i.e. I do as little as possible.

    I’m a major procrastinator until things get so deep I can’t stand it anymore and go like a whirlwind. Then I crash and burn. This includes my writing. The weird thing is, after I’ve written a really good scene, I feel better and am in a great mood. So why don’t I stay with it more? Who knows. I’m sure DH would like for me to be more like Marilyn, which is productive. I guess we each have to find out own way, huh?

  5. Yummers, Meg! Sounds fabulous. I can catch a ride with the kiddo on his way home and be there by suppertime.

    Meg, you do so much more so much better than any other woman I know. You’re way too hard on yourself. I wish I could give you some self-acknowledgment genes, along with the writing stuff. You are so talented and skilled and competent. You need to start telling yourself every day how wonderful you are, because the rest of us already know it.

  6. I love you Mom! You are the best! But you are right, you do need to take care of yourself first! OH, and YES, I would notice if you stole my mug!

  7. Let this be your year, Meg!

    I took out one of the chapters of my WIP to edit the other night–Sunday I believe it was–opened the folder and thought “I don’t want to do this” What came to mind was the cutting and pasting I was going to have to do and that made my head swim. So I put it away.

    Tonight though I’m going to go through with a red pen and see what I can get done.

    Claude Mary

  8. Actually, I rarely get much writing done in December due to the holidays. I always seem to have “stuff” in the way. And January WILL see me writing, but I’ll be getting ready for OWFI.
    But one thing I AM doing this year is not feeling guilty for taking some of my time for housework. I’ve let it go far tooooo long.

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