I have never had a manicure. In fact having a manicure has never been on my list of self-pampering things to do. I’ve always done my own nails.

The first morning after my arrival in Maryland to visit my sister, she put a togo cup of coffee in my hand:

“Mimi, you have a full morning today. You have a manicure at 9:00, a yoga class at 11:00 and we’re doing lunch at 1:00. We’ll be late if you don’t hurry.”

After my surprised ‘A manicure! Yoga? But why?’ I told myself what I always tell myself when new and different situations or opportunities come up–if I ever need to write a manicure scene or a yoga class scene I would be able to do it. As writers we all do this. We get material from events in our lives and from events in others’ lives. I’ve always used serendipitous events as well as negative events–after I’ve processed them–as potential novel fodder.

But I’ve decided for my present WIP and the one on the back burner that I an going to have to be deliberate about my field research. Waiting for the opportunities to occur slows things down. I need to write a casino scene. I’ll pick a time and day and go. I need a tribal counsel meeting scene. I’ve been to several but not as an objective observer. I’ll go to next month’s. I’m going to make a list of other field research areas. This could be fun.

Claude Mary



  1. I’ve never had a manicure, either. But I have been to a casino. I’ll give you a heads up…it’s loud and it’s SMOKEY! Even if they have a no smoking area, you can still smell it. I’m married to a reformed smoker so it never bothered me before, but it does now.

    I haven’t played anything but the slots, but there are a lot of other games if you want to experiece it all. But I gotta tell you, the one-armed bandits are addictive. And there’s nothing like watching those 3 little cylinders click into place and have just the right ones hit. It is a lot of fun. Just don’t take more money than you’re willing to lose. That’s the way I look at it, anyway.

  2. I’m ahead of you all. I’ve had a manicure AND been to a casino. But, CM, you’re absolutely correct. Some life experiences you can use, but others you have to go out and live. It also helps if you have people around you who have knowledge and/or experience who are willing to share with you.

  3. Oh my gosh, Claude Mary/Linda, even I’ve had manicures, and I was, like, the reigning tomboy until a few years ago.

    Some things are great to find out first-hand. There are a few, though, that I’d recommend just talking to someone about them. You know, like putting pressure on a bleeding wound. Jumping out of an airplane. Getting a bikini wax. {{shudder}}

  4. My favorite part of “Miss Congeniality” was where Sandra Bullock’s character gets her bikini wax. Yowza!

    Your inner dragon? Cool. S/he likes sparkly things?

  5. Meg from your posts I know you’ve experienced a lot of interesting things and events. Marilyn, my inner dragon loves sparkly things especially semi-precious stone beads. I have strands of sunstone, a strand of rainbow moonstone briolettes, perodot, labradorite, onyx , malachite and lately I’ve been drooling over some multicolor tourmaline rondelles. What am I going to do with all this? I was going to make necklaces and earrings to go with some of my dresses and sweaters but so far I keep buying the beads and not the other supplies I would need to make necklaces, etc nor have I signed up for the jewelry making classes to learn how to use these beads. My inner dragon is a “she”.

    Claude Mary

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