I’m one of those terrible people who hate change—not all change, just the ones that disrupt my ‘routine’. My blog is late today and I’m blaming change. Between our first race Saturday night, the ‘Spring Forward’ time change, and DH getting a new desk, which required an almost all day road trip, I had no chance to nap. I need that Sunday nap!  The desk is fantastic and will totally hide his computer, but he has the DSL box and I’m on wireless feed in my office. No Internet for me yesterday. I give the man props for awaking early to reconnect all the cables, who-its, whatcha call-its, and gizmos. Too bad I can’t plug in a body recharger as I’m dragging today. Give me a few more cups of coffee and breakfast and I’m positive my outlook will change. Here, change is good because no one wants to be around me right now. Even the dogs are all outside and DH decided to go back to work after being home for ten days.

Race update: Saturday night was one of those I love to be outside. Perfect weather—a slight breeze, 72 degrees, the clouds scudding past a three-quarter moon that left an elliptical aura, the cars are ready, the track is drying up to dry slick just the way I like it. Before we can even do the heat races, DH’s car won’t start. Thus begins the saga of hurry up and wait, which isn’t a bad thing until I realize that DH has taken the truck that has all my gear and the tools.  There goes a change in my routine.  I’m OCD about race routines, but that’s for another blog.

Fast forward: The Phoenix—my old car and the one DH is racing until his is ready—blew her engine, as did about four other cars, but DH finished last. Crushing after he worked so hard on both cars and didn’t get to race much last year. A big change for him. Out of twenty cars, only twelve made it to the checkered flag. And I wasn’t last! Another change, but I like this one! I’ll take my 11th place finish knowing that if I’d have pushed hard, I could have passed a few more cars. Sometimes being able to finish is an accomplishment in itself.

Think I’ll implement some more change and write that black moment in TAME.


6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Me too! I want to read the book! I sounds almost as intriguing as naked racing !!! Hey, those bouncing boobs might come in handy in a sudden stop! I am so proud that you finished the race! That is a BIG DEAL!!

  2. Meg, I really enjoy reading about your racing —and your cows. Congratulations on finishing the race. Hope to be reading your book soon.

    Claude Mary

  3. You’re welcome, LInda! Glad I could make you laugh. DH & I looked at The Phoenix & it may be just a bad carburetor & plugs! I’m hoping as I still love that car.

    Hey, Louisa!!! TAME is definitely different. I’ve been in a couple wrecks & the boobs–confined or unleashed–wouldn’t have helped.

    Thanks, CM. I’m never sure if I’m boring about my racing or all my critters.

  4. Meg:

    Congrats on finishing the race. I’m kind of the newbie and so forgive for asking what I probably should know. What kind of cars do you race? Tell me more. I grew up around race cars. My dad used to sponsor a “Hobby Stocker” in Arkansas and Oklahoma when I was a kid.


  5. Sandee, bite your tongue!!! I’m hoping this will be the first summer in four years that I don’t break something or get bitten by something.

    Meg, congrats on your finish! WTG!!! Maybe DH will have better luck next time.

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