A Good Wish

I know what I’m asking Santa Claus for Christmas, although I want it NOW! Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring it in my basket of goodies. Oh wait, I’m the Easter bunny even though none of our kids will be here. DH still gets a basket ‘cuz he’s really been extra good this short part of the year.

I want a distracter shield—a force field—installed. Here I could exist where no outside happenings would affect me while I’m writing. Inside my bubble there is no other world except for my characters. Where my writing flows like water from the faucet—clear, cold, refreshing my creative muse. The mystery is suspenseful, keeping the reader flipping pages. The black moment has one gasping for breath and the HEA brings a tear of joy. Sigh. I recently read an article where a writer said her writing comes easily and if it doesn’t for you, then get out of the biz. Wow, to have such dedication to a schedule. And do you have any other life? Sorry, the distracter had a brief power outage.

My unit also has to function as an internal editor eliminator, ego-deflating niggling negatron, corrector of all grammatical and spelnigl errars, declutter my office, and remove all M & M munchings.
Maybe if I pull a tooth—I have several manufactured ones—and put it under my pillow, the Tooth Fairy will grant my wish.


8 thoughts on “A Good Wish

  1. I’ll take two! Just in case one breaks down! Hmm …. must be nice to have it come easily to you all the time. While there are times it does come easily there are other times when it is agonizing work. That was true of my singing and I have to believe it is true of all truly creative endeavors!

  2. I recently read an article where a writer said her writing comes easily and if it doesn’t for you, then get out of the biz.

    If you still have the article, give it to me and I’ll smack the author senseless with it. If it always comes easily to her, she should get on her knees and thank God every day, and she should keep the rest of her opinion to herself, or God or fate or destiny will say, “You think if it’s not easy, people should quit? Here you go — mega-size writer’s block. Now what do you think?”

    Back in 2006, I heard a huge NYT bestseller say there’s no excuse for missing a deadline, No Matter What. That was the year I was hospitalized for the fiddleback bite, my 17-year-old nephew died, my mother had three major surgeries in 7 weeks and almost died, and I got a MRSA infection. Thank God my editors didn’t share that author’s opinion.

    Put me on the list for a shield. If you can’t find one, maybe we can get hold of a cone of silence. That would help at least some.

  3. Thanks, Amy, Linda, Lynn, Louisa & Marilyn, for your comments. I’ll go to work on getting one ready for trials.
    I find narrow thinking leads to a vary dull life.

    Yes, that’s Boomer right after he got cut. Missing the jewels never bothered him, of course, he’s not the sharpest dog in the pack either. But he’s sweet & loves me.

  4. What an idea Meg. I bet you could sell about a bazillion of them. The cone of silence cracks me up. If only I could shut out the phone, the door bell, the laundry, chores, guilt and self destructive behaviors. I could be so great!! I’ll just have to continue to soldier on with my distractions. Meh. spw

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