First, to all of you who have blogged the past few days, I’m sorry I haven’t kept up.  I’m a pediatric nurse and those of you who know me, know that winter is our worst season.  For awhile, it looked like we were going to get off easy.  But the RSV/Rotovirus/etc. season has hit with a vengeance.  Plus, for the second year in my life, I did my own taxes.  A six-week project that gave me nightmares.  But now, my taxes are in (though I’m still not sure they’re accurate) and I NEED the blog to help me keep my sanity through the rest of the winter illnesses I deal with each day.  So for my blog today, I’m going to just free-assosciate, here.

I want to tell all the guests who’ve been joining us on our ramblings, I appreciate the way you read and comment on our blog.  To me, it’s like welcome company in the house.  Thank you.  Have some cyber-brownies and lemonade.  🙂  It’s always been a mystery to me why people would want to read a blog.  (No doubt that is why I so bad at keeping up my personal blog on my web page at www.jackiekramer.com )  Now Twitter…that I can get my brain around except for some of the inane comments people write.  After all, would you really want to hear all about me brushing my teeth?  But the challenge of writing philosophy or parody or a sly remark in such a small space intrigues me.  That I might do consistently.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you…part of the reason why I haven’t been emailing or coming to the blog so often is that my laptop died.  I bought used and don’t grieve for it, but boy, I really miss the Wi-Fi that let me sit in my recliner while doing both.  But do not despair; I’ve ordered a new Dell laptop.  I almost have my PC paid off, so figured I could afford to get new this time.  I’m getting a colored one, Midnight Blue, with a 320 GB hard drive!  Can you imagine…320 GB!!?  Dang, I remember getting excited about a 386 MGB drive.  Times are sure a’changin’!  Only trouble is they won’t have it built and shipped until the end of the month.  And I finally have to go to Microsoft Vista.  Yecch!  And I have a new computer to get used to.

Can you blame me for being distracted with all this going on in my life?  Oh, and that doesn’t even count how little writing I’m actually getting down.  🙂


11 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. You are one brave woman, Jackie! I’ve had worse weeks in my life than the one I spent getting the taxes ready for the CPA, and since I didn’t separate receipts at all this year, I made my job worse.
    Now with spring here, I’ll be outside with my lap top. If only I could figure out how to use it while in the spa. 🙂

  2. I NEVER do our taxes ourself. Always pay someone to do it for me. I just feel safer doing it that way. But I still have to keep up with the reciepts and everything myself.
    And I understand the busy part, but I still wonder how you keep up with it all.
    And Vista’s not so bad, Jackie. 🙂

  3. Taxes ! YUCK!

    Flu season, especially in a pediatric ward. DOUBLE YUCK !!

    Broken down computer?? TRIPLE YUCK !!!

    Changing computer systems and having to learn the whole thing over again?? JUST SHOOT ME!!

    You are a better woman than I am if you can handle all that and not be sitting in corner gibbering and drooling!

  4. Aw, Ash, Turbo Tax and I have done ours ever since we moved away from our accountant in North Carolina. It’s not bad at all. I think, if I ever started before noon on April 15th, that it might be fairly easygoing spread out over a day or two.

    I don’t like Vista. I don’t loathe it (yet), but I’d much rather have my new computer with my old operating system.

    Watch that laptop and the spa, Meg. We’d hate for your dh to come home one day and find you fried to more than a crisp. 🙂

  5. Jackie,

    I’ve always felt that those who worked in medical care had a special place in heaven. When you have to face a bad time of illnesses that competes with Tax Time, well, you’ve paid your dues on Earth. Purgatory is not for you. You go straight to heaven!! spw

  6. A pediatric nurse owes no one an apology. I think that qualifies you for automatic sainthood.

    I feel your pain when it comes to computers. We have satellite internet since we live in Nowhere, OK and can’t get DSL. They’ve oversold the bandwidth which means some days we don’t even have internet connectivity. Its taken me 3 days to FINALLY get online at home!


  7. I know what you mean, Louisa. I’ve now had my new Laptop and haven’t used it for anything except email.
    Ash. I’ll get back to you on the Vista once I’ve loaded this puppy with my stuff. I’ve decided to give up my Rockets and get a Kindle next year, so I don’t feel so bad about losing XP.

  8. Lynn–I was in the same boat you were. I couldn’t get DSL where I am and what Cox sold me was only a little faster than my dial-up. Then I bought my own Wi-Fi router and wow!

  9. I only accept praise, Jackie. Curses can be directed to the attention of Rachel at the “do you think I give a damn?” office. 😉

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