A Batty, Motley Rose

I got one of those emails this week. You know the one from the agent, the editor, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Now don’t feel sorry for me, because I don’t. If anything, I am more determined than ever to get published. No agent of doom, no editor of woe is going to stand between me and my dreams. On the way home from my DJ, I came up with this poem and thought I’d share it with you all. It’s a little tongue in cheek.

The inspiration for this poem came from some research I have done for my current WIP. Did you know Meat Loaf once said that it felt as though they were creating record companies solely for the purpose of rejecting Bat Out of Hell? The other two iconic groups I mention in this poem suffered early critics who brutally panned their music. They persevered and today are household names…at least our house. In the case of GNR, they shifted rock music away from glam rock back to metal. But if you read the band’s biography or listen to their later interviews, that was never their intent. They just wanted to make their music, their way.

I don’t necessarily want to turn the world upside down, I just want to tell my story and have someone read it, love it.

So here’s the poem. Hope it makes you smile.

A note received one spring morn,
Damned thing should have made me mourn.
Rejected, facing desolation,
Turned to others for inspiration.

Of the agent thought, “What an oaf!”
That’s when I recalled Meat Loaf
Whose album, Bat Out Of Hell,
Deaf producers damned to hell.

Or pre Jungle Guns N Roses,
Critics warned, “Hold your noses.”
“Great hair,” they said of Motley Crue
“But their music will make you spew.”

So the agent wasn’t smitten.
Yet, another chapter I’ve written,
Still confident in my prose,
A stubborn batty, motley, rose.

L. Somerville


7 thoughts on “A Batty, Motley Rose

  1. I love it !!! And it is GREAT to remember those truly talented people who were rejected over and over before they finally made it. Makes you wonder, were they just too stubborn or too stupid to quit? Stubborn? Stupid? I can do that! I can do stubborn and stupid until the cows come home or at least until the editor / agent wises up !!

    Lets hear it for stubborn, batty, motley roses everywhere!

    By the way, ladies, I got a call at 8:18 yesterday morning from Madeline Hunter, yes THE Madeline Hunter that my manuscript The Raven’s Heart is a finalist in the Regency historical category of the 2009 Golden Heart !!! I am still a bit stunned so bear with me!

  2. Lynn,

    What a joy to take a bad morning and create some poetry from it. You are right to focus on the folks who were also turned down on their way to becoming a household name. We’re in good company!! A batty, motley rose indeed. spw

  3. Love the poem, Lynn. And great attitude. You know, we have to get a certain number of “No’s” out of the way before we get that “Yes!”. You’ll get there. I have faith.

    And Louisa…a Finalist. Congrats!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    I heartily agree with having to get those “no’s” out of the way before that “YES!” arrives. I have had my share of “no’s” in my writing and in my singing career. Hell, I had to go all the way to Austria to have a singing career, but I DID IT !! And the writing thing will be the same way!

    And lets face it, nobody can be more stubborn than women on a mission!

  5. Don’t give up Lynn, keep going. The person that turned you down is going to look back and regret it.

    Louisa, congratulations on being a finalist!

    Claude Mary

  6. Thanks ladies for all your support. Like I said I don’t really feel bad, just more determined than ever. I love it when people say “no”. That just makes whatever I’m trying to do one more Mt. Everest that MUST be climbed.


  7. Excellent attitude, Lynn. Determination, desire and thick skin — they’re as vital in this biz as talent.

    LOL on the poem, too!

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