Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all women out there. I believe each of us ‘mothers’ in one way or another whether our children  are kids or critters–or both!

My own mother died in 1980 but God sent four very powerful women in my life to fill in. Don’s mother has been one of them, but today I want to honor my children’s other mother, Julie Reid. I hate the evil connotation the word step-mother evokes–and believe me, I’ve already been labelled The Wicked Witch!  

It was hard to let my son stay with his father. My heart shredded, my arms ached for my little boy, guilt still worms into my soul after all these years. Harder yet was knowing that another woman was with my son on a daily basis—to tend his cuts, listen to his hurts, celebrate his triumphs, deal with his tantrums. I know what hell you’ve been through. But if I’d taken applications to replace me, Julie, you would win every time!

I’m grateful for all the years we sat together at the ball games—it was a blast to watch the people’s reactions as we sidled close, whispering like conspirators. Laughing at how it drove certain people nuts!

Thank you, Julie:

For all the pictures you’ve taken then sent me. The birthdays I wasn’t able to make, the Christmas mornings, the first day of school tradition that I started when my baby started Pre-K. The Mother’s Day and birthday presents you sent in Tim’s name before he did it on his own.

For being the go between, the calming influence when things got rough between me and the man you married. How difficult that must have been.

For being as mama proud of Amy and Tim as I am.

For the phone calls. For allowing me to ride to far off ball games. For the always open invitation to stay with you.  

For buying copies of my book when all the rest of my family wanted them for free!

For moving into a house I loved so much, taking care of it, and having my face in the Win pictures plastered over the walls. I love how you’ve redecorated and put in your own artistic touch.

For being there when Daddy died, sharing my grief. For the memorial, the plants, card, and prayers. He loved you too.

For being my friend, a shoulder to cry on, and great warm hugs.tim grad don camera 046

But most of all, I love how you guided OUR son to be a good man.

Happy Mother’s Day, Julie!

11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. You are right Mom! We are so blessed to have her in our lives! No one could ever replace you, but she is a wonderful addition to our family!

  2. You guys and Julie are all blessed! Lord knows, divorce is never easy, but you three made the best of it. You’re fortunate.

    We’re doing Mother’s Day at my sister’s. BIL’s fixing burgers, and I just finished the desserts: bread pudding (his mom loves it) and banana pudding. I used Paula Deen’s recipe (in which case, I guess I need to call it puddin’) — pudding, cookies, bananas, whipped cream, cream cheese and Eagle Brand. Yummers!

    Have a great day!

    • Thank you, Marilyn, for the kind words. We are blessed. I love your bread pudding, too. And while banana isn’t my favorite, if you made it, it is delicious. A dessert can’t be wrong–not with those ingredients and Paula Deen. Don’t you think we need a girl trip to her restaurant?

  3. What a beautiful post! I wonder if you know how truly blessed those around you are to have YOU in their lives. You obviously love with arms wide open.

    L. Somerville

  4. This is a beautiful post . . . a tribute to all the women out there who step in to nurture a child, whether they bore that child or not. Like Dee, I got all misty eyed.

    Congratulations Julie and Meg on being such wonderful mothers. Your children are truly blessed!

  5. Sandee–we are blessed to have Julie in our lives. I just wish we were closer in distance. We’d probably get in a bunch of trouble!

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