Lest We Forget

As romance writers we create heroes and heroines. These characters may be based on people we know in real life, or spun entirely from our imagination. They can be flawed or superhuman. They are ultimately characters we as authors have fallen in love with, and we hope that our readers will fall for them too.

But on Memorial Day, as a nation, we stop to remember the real heroes and heroines who have fought and died for our country.

Memorial Day is the “official” beginning of the summer, my favorite time of year. Summer calls to mind that idyllic time of childhood, the time in our lives when we were young and not so jaded, when life seemed simpler and less hectic. And it seemed to go on forever.

Summer held the bright hope of a life yet to be lived to its fullest.

How fitting then, that at the beginning of summer, we take a moment in between backyard bar-b-ques, the Indy 500, and baseball, to recall those who sacrificed their lives for all that we hold dear. These fallen heroes gave all so that we would always have the bright hope of summer lived in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

May God Bless.


8 thoughts on “Lest We Forget

  1. On behalf of my husband and son, Lynn, thank you very much. I’d like to add a salute to all the parents, spouses and children. Military service isn’t easy for either the member or the families left behind; without that family support, it would be darn near impossible.

    Hooah, Semper Fi, Fair Winds and Following Seas. (And apologies to our Air Force folks out there; I don’t know what you guys say.) You have my utmost respect.

    • With respect to current fly boys. I asked DH, who was AF, & he couldn’t remember anything. So I googled it: No One Come Close is the unofficial motto, as are several others. Off we go into the wild blue yonder….

  2. Lynn,

    What a nice remembrance. You are gracious to take the time to honor the fallen. Seeing the vets put flags in the national cemetaries always takes my breath away. Semper Fi. spw

  3. Marilyn, you are right about family. Being a former military wife, I know how much family means to our vets. Thanks to your son who serves. And Sandee, please thank your DH who also serves.

    Those who serve and their familys are in my daily prayers.


  4. As an Air Force brat I have a deep appreciation for those who have served and continue to serve in our nation’s military. My Dad was a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam wars. He served six years in the Army and twenty-one years in the Air Force. My Mom was a farm girl from Alabama would never been further away than Georgia when she married Dad. His job took us all over the world and Mom was right there with him taking care of us kids, sometimes not even knowing where he was or if he would come home.

    I honor all of those who have served and continue to serve so that we may sleep in ignorant bliss of all of the dangers they face on our behalf.

  5. To all those that have ever served in our Armed Forces, past and present, I salute you! Without people like you, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we do.


  6. I’m different. To me, Memorial Day is only for those who gave the ultimate for your country. I served, but I didn’t lose my life, so the thanks I get on Veteren Day is enough. But those who fell…. They deseve a special day all their own. With humble thanks from a grateful citizen.

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