The Best-Laid Plans of Doctors and Moms

First . . . happy Memorial Day! And a salute to our WritingSluts veterans, former Marines Jackie and Sandee. Semper Fi, ladies.

Second . . . happy birth-day plus one to my new nephew. We were all expecting Gavin on June 4th, but problems moved the date up, so we all cleared our calendars for tomorrow at noon. Well, someone apparently forgot to tell the child, or he was just impatient. Anyway, he decided to come yesterday. He was 20.5″ and 7 pounds, 12 ounces. (Imagine what he would have weighed if he’d made it to the full 40 weeks!)

Everything went smoothly with the delivery, but afterward he developed some breathing issues and had to be transferred to the NICU. (N-Mom – new mom, niece mom – is a NICU nurse herself, so she wasn’t as upset since she knew what kind of care he would be receiving.)

DH and I got to go back and see the baby when we got to the hospital. Some of the babies we passed on the way to his cubicle . . . it was enough to make my heart hurt. Teeny, tiny little, some of them small enough to fit in my palm. I just wanted to gather them all close. Compared to them, Gavin looked like a giant.

Of course, he’s a beautiful baby. Lots of dark hair, a dimple in one cheek, a cleft chin. Big feet and long, slender fingers with perfect little nails. It was disconcerting to see him under the lights, with a tiny CPAP mask and IVs and monitors. While DH and Dad discussed his condition, I stroked his arm and talked to him. Later DH said something about the babies not knowing or caring who was there with them, but my niece assured me that he knew Aunt Marilyn was there. LOL.

He certainly made his mom’s Memorial Day a memorable one.

Welcome to the world, sweetie!


4 thoughts on “The Best-Laid Plans of Doctors and Moms

  1. Happy Birthday to Gavin and congrats Aunt Marilyn. Your family is in my prayers. I know they’ll all be healthy soon. Maybe you’ll have some picture to share soon, Proud Auntie.


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