Happy 4th of July!

By the time you read this, I’ll be at work.  To be honest, no peds nurse really cares much for the 4th.  Oh, we’re as patriotic as the next guy.  Every year at dusk, we collect what ambulatory children are in the unit and take them to the best spot possible so they can watch the fireworks.  Since we opened our Children’s Hospital, the site in our solarium which has three walls of all glass.  You can see fireworks all over the city from there.

No, the main reason we don’t like the 4th of July is it’s a bad day for kiddos.  Too many adults, out BBQing and drinking beer, means lots of fireworks accidents to kids and near drownings.  So my wish to all of you…

While you’re having family fun, watch the kids.  No fireworks without adult supervision and make sure that whatever the kids light, etc. is age appropriate.  No sparklers and toddlers, if you please; too often these guys don’t realize that that pretty “flower” is hot!  And a bucket of water to dump used sparklers in will prevent a lot of burns.

If you have the kids in a boat, make sure they are wearing size appropriate life vests, even if they’re the best swimmers in the world.  And nobody, NOBODY ever swims alone.   Remember, people have drowned in less than five inches of water.

And last, but not least, watch that food.  In this heat, almost everything fresh, raw, or cooked with chicken, mayo, or eggs is dangerous if left out in this heat longer than it takes to have a meal.  When everyone is finished eating, put the leftovers away.

This has been a safety commercial from your neighborhood pediatric nurse who really doesn’t want ANY admits today.

And I hope you all have a great time today.  Go, America!!


8 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. And thanks for being there just in case someone’s child does have to come in! Nurses are the great unsung heroes of our society!!

    Everyone be safe and have a GREAT 4th of JULY !!!

    With all of its flaws and foibles this is still a wondrous place to live!!

    • You said a mouthful, Louisa. Where else other than America could I be sitting in my air-conditioned living room, watching the Boston Pops with Neil Diamond and fireworks while eating brownie bites. God, I love this country!

  2. Jackie, I’m awfully glad you’re there to be the sensible one so I can go out and just have fun! And it’s only 78 degrees right now!! How cool is that for the 4th?

    I’ll light a few sparklers for you.

  3. We stayed home on the 4th . . . we’d had enough ‘going’ for a while. Even though I love to watch the fireworks as a general rule, this year it held no interest for me. Don’t know why except I was still suffering from jet lag.

    I sincerely hope you had a light work load last night as a result of firework related injuries.

  4. Jackie, since the 4th is my birthday, I always tell everyone that the fireworks are for me and I just let everyone else enjoy them! My dad told me that for YEARS and I believed him.

    We kept an eye on the babies, kept the kids contained while the fireworks were launched and had no food related issues. We had a highly successful 4th. Thanks for reminding us that our adult celebrations sometimes make for unsafe kiddie environments. spw

    • That’s all we ask, Sandee. Have fun, but keep close track of those babies. Adult holidays can be rough…especially if there’s drinking involved.

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