As Seen On TV

You’ve all seen the hyped ads…the late Billy Mayes and now Vince, hawking the latest greatest products.  My father, bless his heart, ordered stuff quite frequently from both TV and mail order. Some things were okay, most were junk. It was his money, his joy or gripe to talk to me about, and supported someone–the marketer not the inventor unfortunately. Then one day I saw an ad that made sense to me. I wanted this product to work, but I didn’t order it rather found it at a local chain drugstore for the same price, less shipping and handling! The Point and Paint worked well and what I saved by not purchasing the painter’s tape plus the time to tape the areas, the purchase was well worth it.  As much as I paint… nuf said.

The other point of my rambling post is that ‘as seen on TV’ has been educational for me. I had lunch with a friend last week and she asked me if I knew about Asperger’s Syndrome. I don’t the minutia of the disease, but I had heard of it thanks to Boston Legal and America’s Next Top Model. (I know, I know, my reality TV addiction is showing) If I hadn’t watched those shows I probably would still be clueless.

Share any ‘As Seen On TV’ moments.


5 thoughts on “As Seen On TV

  1. Billy Mayes died of heart failure. Went to sleep and didn’t wake up in this world. Authorities first thought he might have died from a head bump he received on a plane flight.

  2. Did you guys know there is a “As Seen On TV” store at the Promenade Mall? I pop in now and then because I’m intrigued by some of the cool stuff they show, but not necessarily crazy about buying until I look at the item. Hey, some of the stuff they sell is junk. I got my Aqua Bulbs there and my plant is very happy I did. 🙂

    • Woo Hoo on the store. I’ve had bad luck with the Aqua Bulbs but they look pretty in the pots just by themselves. HMMM, maybe I should just get packs of the to put in my pots vs trying to actually grown something. Knowing the stuff that goes on in my house, the dogs would dig those out too. Glad the Always Angry Arucauna can’t get in the house too.

  3. man, i love the ‘as seen’ stuff. I am addicted to the topsy turvey infomercials, and I love the one about the griddle where the old woman gets so excited about making grilled stuffing. I would rather watch a good infomercial than a tv show, most times. PX90, anyone?

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