Book or Movie First?

I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, again. Now I’m ready to see the movie. {Hint, hint, Amy!!} I blame my HP addiction on my darling daughter. When Harry Potter first came out–all the sensation, all the controversy–how could I, as a responsible Christian parent, allow my impressionable teen to read about witches and wizards? I had to check these books out myself. At the time, I think 1 – 3 were in print, but I’ve slept since then. It took me two weeks to devour them–two really rotten December weeks where all the kids were out of school and camping here at Twisted Creek, and being a step-mom was akin to troll snot. My point is that I escaped, totally. Lost in a world where good wins over evil, but not all wrongs are righted. Even rereading or listening to the audio books, I’m totally sucked into this magical world. I love it!

When JAWS came out, I saw the movie first, then read the book. That’s when some of the magic of film dissolved for me as the book was so much better–IMHO.

So I want to know, do you see the movie first or read the book?


21 thoughts on “Book or Movie First?

  1. LOL And it was SUCH a subtle hint too, Meg!

    I prefer to read the book first. Sometimes the film lives up to my expectations, most times not, but at least I have the whole story in my head.

    One of the few adaptations I consider really well done is Clint Eastwood’s version of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. He really caught the entire essence of that novel without making fun of the South.

    The Harry Potter films so far have been quite good as well. And Meg I was the member of the family elected to read the HP novels before my niece and nephew were allowed to read them.

    • I agree with you on that movie MGGE even though I haven’t read the book.
      I have been pleased with the HP films, too.

      Glad to see you back!!

  2. I prefer books first unless it’s something I just totally won’t read. (Like JAWS, lol. Though come to think of it, don’t think I’ve ever seen the whole movie either.) I’ve seen enough movie adaptations to know that there will be changes, so I’m rarely disappointed by anything, and usually the movie just reassures me that books are still the best entertainment in my never-humble opinon.

    Have fun with the new Harry! I’ll catch it, as I usually do, when it comes out on video.

  3. I agree some things were lost. JAWS gave me nightmares for a week. Then I took MY mother to see it…the day my dad left for deep sea fishing. Great timing!!

  4. Book first. I often find the movies to be disappointing. There was a great book I read once called THE KEEP. It delved into the real origins of vampires and why they don’t like crosses etc. When the book was made into a movie…it stunk on ice! You could barely tell it was based on the book.


  5. I usually try to see the movie first (which is why I have all my HP books, but haven’t read them.), but in the case of DUNE and LORD OF THE RINGS, I’m glad I read the books first. I would have been totally lost without reading first.

    • Oh, yeah, on LORD OF THE RINGS. I loved loved the books, but couldn’t get into the movies. I have THE TWIN TOWERS on CD to listen to sometime.

  6. Jackie- I hear you about the science fiction stories. Remember Starship Troopers? Hollywood has screwed up every science fiction book they’ve made into a film. I can’t think of ONE that holds a candle to the book.

    I don’t know how anyone who didn’t read the Harry Potter books can get anything out of the last two or three movies. Somewhere around the Goblet of Fire, they started skipping huge plot points that explain so much.

    Me? Book first. Even though that sometimes makes the movies disappointing (DaVinci Code), at least I understand all the motivation and conflict. In the case of something like Jaws, I thought it would make the movie not scare me so much. In case you’re wondering, I still scream like a girl. I went through Universal Studios and screamed when Bruce attacked the rolling cart. Like a girl… spw

    • Sandee, I agree with you on the HP books vs movies. Amy & I talked about what was left out of the movie that we thought should have been in there.

      So, my darling daughter took my hint & treated ME to HP 6 today, and we had such a great time! I was not disappointed in the movie–totally captivated me, and while I was sad that some things weren’t included, most of the major plot points were. I will buy the DVD when it comes out to keep my collection–I have the books in hardback, the movies and the books on CD!

  7. I usually read the book first–and am always disappointed in the movie to some extent or another… Recently, my DH and I rented and watched Inkheart. All around, not great. But it intrigued us enough that we bought the book and I’m about halfway through it. So far, I see only an echo of the original book in the movie, and that really angers me!! The book has been sooooooo good so far, and I cannot see WHY Hollywood would even *think* to change it the way that they did.

    Best book-to-movie adaptation recently was Watchmen, and it essential that everyone know that NOTHING could EVER live up to the graphic novel. If you haven’t read it, you really really need to…

    • Hey, Emmylee!!! Congratulations on your wedding!!! I saw some of the pictures! What a beautiful bride, and I love the leopard. Good for you!

      I’m not sure why Hollywood destroys good books. THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER movie (OK, I have a thing for Sean Connery!) made me read Tom Clancy. Glad I did, disappointed in his later books! He usually includes one of his characters who went or graduated from UT!

      INKHEART? Sounds intriquing. I didn’t see WATCHMEN, but I don’t see a lot of movies unless Amy points them out.

      Thank you so much for visiting!!!

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