why don’t I live in florida?

Most of you know I’ve spent the last week at a 5-star resort in Florida.  And while I know that living in Florida for real would mean that I would have to get off of my butt, off the beach, dust off the sand, and get a job, still if given the chance I would do it in a heartbeat.

On the way home yesterday I spent some time staring out the airplane window wondering why I was headed back to Kansas while my heart remained in Florida.  So I’m asking you all today, what draws you to this area and what keeps you here?  (Family is not a valid excuse, we all have that.)  Where would you live if you could, and why don’t you?

What keeps me here are my horses.  As much as I love the ocean, I could not afford to have my horses in such a pricey area.  So in the trade-off between beach and horses, I choose horses.  KC, signing out, sadly missing Florida.


10 thoughts on “why don’t I live in florida?

  1. KC,

    I lived in Florida for two years in the mid 80’s. I would go back in a heartbeat. The positives way outweigh the negatives in my book. There’s nothing better than being close to a beach.

    Of course, I’m not a horse person. spw

  2. If I could live anywhere I wanted, it would be right here where I am (though maybe in a different house!). I love to visit other places, and would love to spend some more times in places where we used to live — NC, SC, Georgia, California — but this is home for me. It’s not just that all my family is here — good, since family doesn’t count for this question, right? 😉

    Oklahoma is HOME. It’s where I belong. We lived away for sixteen years, and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything, but when it came time to retire and settle down, there was never any question for me that it would be in Oklahoma. I feel differently here. Guess it’s those century-plus roots.

    However, I wouldn’t mind having a little place in the French Quarter for long weekends away and another on Sullivan’s Island or IoP, South Carolina, for beach time. That would be sweeeeet.

  3. You need to check out beautiful NW Florida, also known as the Emerald Coast! We have prettier beaches than South or East Florida, and we are not way overpriced like they are! I wouldn’t leave anywhere else in the US but between Pensacola/Perdido Beach in the West and Destin to the east!

    Come visit the Gulf Coast Romance Writers at the Silken Sands conference next March and see for yourself!

    • I agree! I lived in Milton, FL. Give me Navarro Beach any day. The gulf coast of Florida and Alabama and little known treasures. And since no big airports nearby… way less tourists. spw

  4. I’m with Marilyn . . . this is HOME. Where I feel most comfortable. My husband loves Alaska (big surprise there) and I do, too. But not to the extent he does. Oklahoma is where I feel at peace with the world.

    That said (and I’m not really being sappy), I stay because of RWI. Seriously. I’d be lost without the physical connection to y’all. Our monthly meetings feeds my soul — giving me courage, strength and the knowledge that I’m not alone. You are my sisters . . . my family.

  5. Okay, guys, why don’t we just buy a house in the Quarter and have our own private spaces but share the living/cooking areas? LOL.

    Linda, we love you, too! We wouldn’t let you leave, so don’t even think about it. No matter what.

  6. Wow. So many reasons to live here, and all of them good. And Donna and Sandee, you have me interested in the Emerald Coast. I will check it out for next years’ vacay. But it would have to go a long way to beat the Pelican. I spent most of this morning at work trying to drain the sea water from my veins and get back into the rhythm of things here. I was 25 when I first saw the ocean, and it has never left me since.


    • KC google Destin, Navarre, and Pensacola Beach. Even Orange Beach over in Alabama. Crystal clear water, sugar-sand beaches and none of the tourist overload you get in Central and South Florida. Most of the car tags will be Fl, Al and La – those beaches are like our private little paradise. Go to http://www.gccrwa.com/silkensands/ to see the info on the Gulf Coast RWA conference — the beach there is to die for.

  7. Actually I’ve lived in South Florida for the past twenty years. It wasn’t my choice. My husband wanted to be near his family so when we separated from the Air Force, we came here.

    If I had my choice, I’d go back to Ohio. I love the Cincinnati area and northern Kentucky. Although Florida is beautiful, I miss the change of seasons – the colors of Fall, snow and icicles at Christmas time, the first flowers of spring. And I appreciate summer more when I don’t have it constantly.

    • Welcome to the Sluts, Ashley. Make yourself at home.

      I grew up in Oklahoma and always wanted to live elsewhere. After sixteen years living in Southern California, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas, I was so happy to get back home to the seasons. Okay, when the wind chill drops below 10 degrees, I find myself wishing for San Diego or Mobile again, but only for a minute.

      Home is home, isn’t it?

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