Fall–a time to recommit!

     I have to admit that I’m looking forward to fall.  First, it’s my absolutely favorite season.  Cool mornings with a light fog and sipping hot coffee while watching through the front window as my children trudged down the street to the bus stop.  Warm afternoons, I like to amble along a forest path, trees crowned with ruby, gold, and topaz leaves while the lost ones crunch under my feet.  But best of all are the chill evenings, when I can curl up under my favorite wool throw, sip hot cocoa from my “reading” stoneware mug, and bury myself in one of my favorite authors while romantic music plays in the background.

     Okay, okay…so this is a little idealistic.  Fall is also the time when our lives start revving up after the doldrums of summer.  The kids are back in school which means homework, teacher conferences, and after-class activities that can really cut into your writing time.  Even those of us who don’t have children may find ourselves more pressed for time as we head into heavier schedules at work.  All too soon, the holidays and all their time consuming activities will be upon us.

     So it seems to me, now is the time to prioritize our needs.  Even if we have to re-arrange our time tables, don’t let your writing get lost in the shuffle.  And don’t forget to allow time to re-new your commitment to your writing.  To restore your writing goals when it seems they’re getting lost in the bustle of living.


Reprinted by author from the award-winning Inklings newsletter.


7 thoughts on “Fall–a time to recommit!

  1. As long as my allergies remain under control, I love fall, too. The smell of burning leaves . . . I don’t rake dead leaves but I love walking through ’em. And it’s always a pleasure to put on jeans and long sleeves and shoes and socks for the first time after a summer spent in shorts and T-shirts.

    I’m gonna be stockpiling firewood — got lots of trees to cut down — so this winter I can curl up beside the fire with a good book and a cup of Manzano coffee. MMMMM.

  2. I’m conflicted about fall. I like the cooler weather, but it also means COLD days are coming! Brrrr Dragging out the heavy coat to wear to work (I have to walk a couple blocks) and wondering if they’re going to freeze me out or burn me up at the office.

    One of my favorite things, besides the smell of fresh cut grass, is the aroma from a fireplace. While I’m outside, of course. Puts a smile on my face every time.

    The other thing that gets me. . . how close am I to meeting the goals I set for the year. I hear a great big TICK TOCK pounding in my head. Which is good. It keeps my rear in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard.

    • I love the smell of a good fire also. That’s one of the best things about the camp I go to each November. We light the fire the first thing and it goes continously until we leave.

  3. Fall is OK. I like the tad bit cooler weather, but I don’t like cold at all. Just moved my first load of firewood next to the deck.
    I love to see the colors of fall but I hate the barren trees of winter.

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