Twisted Sister Meg here–

Sunrise in Port Aransas

Sunrise in Port Aransas

The younger generation may not have heard of Joni Mitchell–fabulous singer/songwriter — and Neil Diamond, also another fab singer/songwriter, both recorded Joni’s song, BOTH SIDES NOW. I think of it as the Cloud song. I admit that I’m fascinated by clouds. I use cloud references in my work. Shades of an angry thunderstorm, cloud of suspicion, cloud of dirt (I think of Pig Pen from Peanuts) ice storm 1.27.09 041

retreat  others 10.08 008                           

The DH used to be an air traffic controller, so he constantly gives me the scoop–in person, phone call, text and in pictures. He took this the afternoon Amy & I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. DH saw an angry Pekinese, I saw the Dark Mark.   (The first time I looked at the picture, I could see the images, but now?) Do you still look at clouds?cloud pictures

2 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Great pictures, Meg!

    I think clouds were made for lazy afternoons when you can daydream. Also when you’re cruising at 30,000 feet looking down on them. You feel as if you could get out and walk or take a cat nap on the fluffy white stuff.

  2. Thanks, Linda! I used to think that about clouds while flying but DH knocked most of that out of me as he dutifully explained why the clouds looked like that. sigh..

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