What Are You Reading?

Hey, it’s Marilyn, and yes, I’m late getting my post up. Again. And yes, I’m taking the short and easy way out, because right now, on my other computer, my hero is in the middle of opening up to the heroine — a major turning point — and I want to get back there before he clams up again.

So what’s everyone reading? Give me titles and authors; I’m always looking for something new to dig into. As for me, I just finished An Inconvenient Corpse by Jackie King — a mystery about a woman who finds a naked dead man in her bed. There are some great secondary characters, and the subtle beginnings of a romance between Grace and the homicide detective who catches the case. It’s a real pleasure of a book.

Next I’m starting Over Hexed by Vicki Lewis Thompson. The idea of a dragon with ADD just really appeals to me — and so does the hunky guy on the cover. Wow! I love funny and witches and dragons, so I’m fully expecting to love the book.

So spill now. What are you reading?


9 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

    • Glad you’re enjoying it, Meg! On the writing side, that was my second favorite of all the Calloway/Copper Lake books. (SCANDAL was my first because it was so easy to write.) I love Tommy, and I think it shows. 😉

  1. Marilyn,

    I’m reading The Titan’s Curse, which is the third book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It’s a YA/children’s series that takes all the mythology you’ve ever learned and drops a kid (who’s a half blood son of a God and mortal) smack dab into the middle of the drama. I had heard about them, then saw they were making the first one into a movie, so I had to read them. They are very cute, edgier than Harry Potter, but built for the same audience IMHO. spw

    • Sounds interesting, Sandee. I’ve read and reread all the HPs, so this might be a fun one to add to the marathon. And though I don’t remember much of my junior high mythology, I always loved it, so I’ll add this series to my to-get list.

  2. I am the boring one…:( I am reading Evidence Based Articles about skin care, my Assessment book, Fundamentals of Nursing, and Pharmacology. I am ready for a LONG break so I can read Passion to Die For!! My mom says it is amazing, so I can’t wait to start it!

    • Yowza, Princess, just the titles make me sleepy! But I know you — you’re just absorbing them like the bright nurse-to-be you are.

      Hope you find time for PASSION (the book or the real thing) soon!

    • I can’t remember the name of the first King I ever read, but it scared me spitless. I avoided him for years, though I do enjoy some of his short story collections. I think he’s a funny, smart, talented writer. I’m just a weenie.

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