The New Phone Books Are Here!!

Actually, what I meant to say is “The new TV shows are here!” but any time a thought along that line comes to mind, I always remember Steve Martin in some old movie shouting, “The new phone books are here!”

I don’t mind reruns of shows I like, but it’s always kind of a relief to see the fall season start. I haven’t caught many shows so far because I’ve been writing like mad, making visits to the ER (both the two-legged and the four-legged kind) and hanging out with my mom while she recuperates from a couple falls, but I did catch a couple.

I love “Criminal Minds.” Wish Hotch would smile once in a while (anyone remember him as Greg on “Dharma and Greg”? He was so much more human in that role!) Love Morgan, and Garcia retains her role as coolest character on TV.

Missed “NCIS” and “NCIS: LA.” (I still snicker — practically the only major city in the US that doesn’t have some sort of Navy presence.) I also missed “Law & Order: SVU,” and the first half of “Ghost Whisperer.” Where the heck did Melinda and Jim get that six-year-old kid who calls them Mom and Dad???

I’m not a huge fan of “Medium,” but I absolutely adore David Cubitt, who plays the detective, so I try to watch it just for him. Love his voice!

And “Numbers” . . . between Charlie, Don, David and Colby, how could a woman not love it? I thought it was funny that some of the promos tried to play up the suspense of whether Amita would accept Charlie’s proposal. Duh! He’s the sexiest geek on TV. Of course she did!

What shows are you watching/waiting for? Anything new I should give a shot?


10 thoughts on “The New Phone Books Are Here!!

  1. I love the Scify channel’s Eureaka and Warehouse 13. Both are kinda campy but fun. I missed the new NCIS too. So what happened with Zeva?

  2. Marilyn, I don’t think you really missed much on GH, other than she had the baby & they jumped 5 years! I was a little disappointed by both GH & Medium. I like Jake Weber, so he’s fun to watch.

    Lynn, I like Warehouse 13, but I missed both NCIS. Thank goodness I have a DVR, so DH & I both caught up this weekend. We pause those kind of shows, discuss the plots, then see if we’re right. We usually are. I keep interrupting the shows on the technical stuff to ask, “Can they really do that?” His normal answer: No.

    Other than my reality TV shows, I like Bones, Mentalist, Lie to Me. Shows I’ve dropped–Desperate Housewives, CSIs, L & Os. I still record them & will watch if nothing else is on.

    • They really did skip all that time???? Holy cow. Which goober writer came up with that? I bet the same one who concocted that god-awful Jim’s-spirit-in-another-man’s-body storyline. Ick yuck.

      Medium – I like Jake Weber okay, but I watch only for the detective, so I don’t pay much attention to the rest of the show.

      Ugh, I’ve never seen any of the others you mentioned except Bones once and the Mentalist once. Oh, and the old CSIs. I did catch part of CSI Miami and Eddie Cibrian has joined the cast. Those dimples are worth an hour of my time!

  3. At our household, we watch a lot of the shows with only one name: House, Fringe, Bones, Castle (hey, it’s kinda cute).You get the picture. Course that’s not all and I’m trying to not get involved in the storylines this season. I’m reserving the time for work on the computer. i.e. my WIP.

    In the past we’ve enjoyed watching Medium but it’s gotten kinda ‘blah’. Didn’t even watch the season premier. And to be honest, we’ve just recently discovered Mentalist. Always expanding and changing.

    • I watch House from time to time, but I just want to beat him to death with his cane. Don’t know if it’s the result of time I’ve worked and spent in hospitals, but he’s just too much to bear.

      I’m loving having Criminal Minds on four nights a week in reruns. Get my Mogan/Garcia fix every day!

  4. Marilyn,

    I loved “The Jerk” and I say that line all the time when I’m excited about something. No one ever gets it. I’m glad to know there’s someone else out there that understand. My husband has a car buffer and I can’t watch him doing the car without envisioning Steve Martin spinning off down the side of the car…

    I don’t watch much TV. I generally hear about stories that sound good and get the DVDs to watch the episodes in order, without commercial interruption. That said, I’m the queen of liking series that don’t make it.

    I did see some Warehouse 13 and I love that. I’ve got Eureka on DVD. Love it. Someone told me that I’d like Fringe… so I need to give that one a try.

    Fall doesn’t mean new TV lineup for me, it means FOOTBALL. Oh, and Project Runway–which is my only show that I watch every week and don’t miss. spw

    • The Jerk! I can never remember the name, but I love the phone book line! And I do believe you’re the first besides Bob to get it.

      I’m just discovering the pleasures of series on DVDs. I’m working my way through Seasons 1 & 2 of The X-Files. Loved Mulder!!

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