Christi and her family (Don took this!)

Christi and her family (Don took this!)

I spent yesterday with BF Christi at her house. We laughed, schemed, talked dirty, shared much–had a girl day. The time was more than a catching up, which we both needed as she’s one of the hardest working self-employed women and mother of two beautiful young girls I know. She is who I wish I had been when I was younger.

What does this have to do with writing? Much. She is a great model for a kick-ass heroine. I look at how she handles things then transfer into my characters, and also to myself. Inner strength, outer beauty, not perfect–but damn near, generous with her time and talents, wife, mother, sister, and extremely loyal friend. She loves animals–dogs, cat, horses, pigs, and has a knack caring for them. (I forgive Midnight the baby pot-bellied pig for peeing on me!) She can flip a dirt-track car like nobody else I know, get out laughing, and climb in again!  In a bad situation, she’s the woman you want by your side–if she’s not already charging ahead. Did I mention she can throw a helluva awesome party?

“Want to go?” That’s Christi’s invitation for adventure. She loaded me on the back of this enormous 4-wheeler and off we went into her pasture. I never knew this part of the country existed. Her house is actually on a hill and we headed off for ‘the bottom.’ Other than the machine we were riding, I could have been transported back in time. No utility poles, no traffic noises, just blue sky with puffy clouds. She related stories of her childhood when we’d pass landmarks, how the land floods when we get those torrential rains, and the changes that are in progress. A fantastic two hour tour!

I’m ready to write this  morning thoroughly renewed.                                                                        

If only I could keep my house as spotless as she keeps hers!

What recharges your writing batteries?


8 thoughts on “Recharging

  1. Recharging, huh . . . doing anything creative. Taking a vacation to anywhere. Cleaning house. (I hate to do it, and don’t usually while I’m on a deadline, but getting one small portion of it spotless for an hour — till the dogs run through — makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.)

    Mowing, cutting down trees, weed-eating — all are great for letting the mind wander or taking out aggression. Getting to go back to bed after seeing a beautiful sunrise, or catching a beautiful senset. Being with friends, especially writing ones.

    Just about anything — even scrubbing toilets — gets me ready to go back to work. The fun stuff recharges me; the icky stuff reminds me that it’s better to be paid to sit at a computer and make up stories than to have an icky real job.

  2. Meg,

    Most of the bases are covered but I think that nature is a great recharger. I like beaches… the sound of the waves just takes my stress away. In a very short time I feel enlivened and ready to get back to work! spw

    • Sandee,
      I love the beach! Don & I went to Port Aransas, had a room practically on the beach. You could open our door and listen to the ocean. While we celebrated our 10th anniversary, we also celebrated what would have been my father’s 90th birthday. I took video and now that I know how to make movies, I will have that on my digital photo frame.

      • I just love the sound of the surf. I never even dip my toes in the water. I just sit in the shade and read and relax. I love the ocean. spw

  3. Okay I was/ am flattered and speechless…..and that rarely happens lol I still don’t know what to say- I do not see myself this way, but it’s nice to hear- When i get down or frustrated, I will remember this ( which i have saved and i’m going to print ) and re-read it- This will recharge me for another week- I LOVE it- You Meg are wonderful, caring I could go on and on , and a great true friend- Twisted in all.
    From the bottom of my heart thank you.
    I love you and we will have MANY more of those twisted girl days that some people would not understand!!

  4. Linda, I love that you have the Harley to relax and recharge. Learning to ride/drive a motorcyle is on my ‘To Do’ list! I think you’re awesome. I enjoy relaxing with you.

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