How do I Kill…?

Right now, I’m at a writer’s conference in St. Louis, MO.  Today was a special day in that ALL the workshops are on forensics.  Some of it was told to my local chapter by Bob Pappano (and more concisely, I might add!), but one of the most fun panels was “How do I kill my character?”  There were police officers, a FBI Special agent, a medical examiner, and trauma nurses answering questions from the audience about how to kill without caught.  Needless to say, there was a lot of eyebrow raising from the officials and laughter from the audience.

At the same hotel, there are several groups who are having their own workshops.  A couple of times while I was sharing an elevator, writers were sharing how they killed their character or what the body looked like or other blood and gore.  The non-writers looked dazed and enthralled at the same time.  I couldn’t help but wonder if they understood that we were writers talking about writing.

I’m sure it happens with every group.  I know with SF conventions it’s not unusual to get on an elevator with Darth Vadar and a couple of Klingons.  The “mundanes” (as SF fen call non-fans) sometimes can’t hide their awe.  Or is that laughter?  Anyway, that’s one of the joys of going to (you’ll notice, Susan and Marilyn, I didn’t say “putting on”) a conference is sharing time with others who speak your language.

Yes, we share with our chapter members, but sometimes we can appreciate our chapters better when we listen to strangers we only see now and then.  Besides, gossip is great!  Wait until you hear what I’ve made up from here!  Well, two more days so I’d better hit the sack.  I’ll take notes so I can share more of what I learn while here.