Finding Holiday Joy

fall-leavesCan you believe it’s October already? I can’t.

Usually I already have all my fall & Halloween decorations out. Not this year. I haven’t even drug them out of the closet yet. How sad is that? I plan on fixing that today in-between watching football and my regular Sunday chores.

I’m not ready for this cold weather. And I’m certainly not ready for the holidays, whichwhite-christmas-tree-decorations are just around the corner. I’ve never loved them, but did enjoy them. Anymore, I just dread them. I really wish I felt differently, but I can’t seem to get excited about the upcoming holidays at all. Although this year, I’ll be short two Christmas parties out of the 7 or so I have to go to in December. That I am excited about. But on the other hand, two Christmas parties will probably be at my house this year. One being on Christmas day where 30 people will be in my house. That, I’m not looking forward too. I honestly don’t know how Kathlynn does it!

 I love the meaning behind Christmas,  just not the hubbub that goes with it. I’m thinking I need to find the magic of the holidays. But I don’t have a clue where to start looking for it. Any ideas?

Do you enjoy the holidays or is just a pain like it is for me? And if you do look forward to it and enjoy it, why do you? I’d love to know your secret. 😉

3 thoughts on “Finding Holiday Joy

  1. The advantage of living 60 miles from all our family is we do the traveling…they don’t. Which means I don’t have to host anything. Yea!

    We cut way back on the decorating several years ago – like no Christmas tree. Which kinda kills the spirit for me. Guess I NEED the tree. But not sure we’ll put one up this year, either. With a new kitten in the house, I see that as a ‘play toy’ for it. But I will have other decorations up. Can’t go totally Scrooge, now can I?

    How to help you get your holiday joy back? Um, take my kitten? He’s awfully lovable! {Hint, hint.} lol Or you could hold your breath because the holidays seem to roll around {and over you} before you know it. At least it does for me.

  2. No killer advice to offer here. In fact, no advice at all, except this: you said holidays were awful in your house when you were a kid. Just always remember that you want to do whatever it takes to give your kids better memories.

    Maybe it’s time for a few new traditions. Maybe give your kids one nice gift each, then donate the rest of the money you would have spent to a family in need. Help serve at a food kitchen in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Visit a nursing home. Go to see the lights at Rhema as a family (and get out and walk around). Go to see “The Nutcracker” or TransSiberian Orchestra. Say no to parties that you really don’t want to go to. Don’t stress out on the parties you can’t say no to. Treat yourself to an hour massage. Make a list of good things about Christmas and read it every time you start to get down. Change your attitude.

    And realize this, too, shall pass.

  3. I maybe the weirdo here, but I like the Holidays. Early in my life my dad and his brother made it a point to get together for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Both however died at age 34. But I have this wonderful picture of my dad and his brother the year before they died, so they would’ve been in their thirties, sitting on the floor, playing with a train set under the Christmas tree. The train set was my gift from Santa, but my dad played with it more than I did. It is one of my favorite holiday memories.

    Today with my family, we string birthdays and holidays out for as long as we can. We decorate for the seasons, cook a big damn bird and eat entirely too much food at Thanksgiving. We’ve been known to play football in the yard. At Easter we still hunt egss and fly kites.

    In short, we make memories. We don’t alway buy the biggest, the most or the fanciest gifts, because the best gift is when we all get together.

    Don’t get wrapped up in all the stress and hoha. Step back and remember you are making memories, not just for your kids, but for you.

    Don’t wish it away. Give youself that gift.

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