Lately I’ve been having strange/weird/awesome dreams. The ones I remember long after I awaken are my favorites, naturally. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer. I’ve studied for tests, written essays, and even solved plot problems for my books!

I’ve had premonition dreams, which freaks me out the most. The gathering after my grandmother’s funeral is still as clear today as it was when I was ten. Made the mistake of telling my mother this one, and she flipped out.  My grandmother died two years later. So I don’t share these dreams with anyone.

As writers, I’m positive that our dreams, whether we remember them or not, are part of our creative intellect bubbling forth. DH and I share our dreams, either during our morning coffee or afternoon ‘how was your day’ time, and I appreciate his accepting attitude. My twisted sisters are also great listeners.

Do you remember your dreams? Do you dream in color? Have you used any of your dreams in stories? port aransas 11.22.8 032