They Both Start with D!

This weekend I headed out for the Chisholm Trail Book Festival in Durant, Oklahoma. There was a reception for the participating authors scheduled for Friday evening, then the day-long event on Sunday. Meg and I were planning to spend Saturday night kicked back and catching up, then we’d each head home on Sunday.

Because I’ve been really pooped from hospital duty with Mom and insomnia, DH decided to drive me down and pick me up on Sunday. We had a lovely drive down Highway 75 to the Indian Nations Turnpike, passing ranches, cattle, wildflowers and beautifully colored trees every mile — oh, and let’s not forget the tribal casinos, too. It seemed like there was one for every hundred head of cattle.

We were mere miles from Durant when Susan called. She was supposed to do the book festival with us, but couldn’t go. In the conversation, she said something about Duncan. “Oh, no,” I replied. “It’s in Durant.”

“Uh, I thought it was Duncan.”

“Nope. Durant.”

After the call, DH began checking the GPS for directions to the Hampton Inn in Durant. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And I began calling Information for the event center with a sick feeling in my stomach.

Yes, kids, the great traveler, I who can find my way anywhere without a map, who have traveled cross country to new locations and back again without even opening the atlas, I went to the wrong dang town. How could I have made such a bonehead mistake? I dunno. And to make it even worse, DH had to work that night, so there was no way we could make it to Duncan from Durant (I’m not sure that’s even possible) and he could get home in time for work.

So we turned around and headed home. Bright and early the next morning, when he got off, we took off again. In the right direction this time. To the right town!

The signing was an experience. Spending time with Meg was a hoot. But now I’m home again, and I’m back on nursing duty. Mom’s at my sister’s now, so at least the surroundings are better. But she’s got to be given meds by IV twice a day. I’ve never done that before, and after my driving debacle, I just wonder if they REALLY want me giving IV meds when I can’t tell the difference between one town and another.

7 thoughts on “They Both Start with D!

  1. Marilyn, Obviously, you were sleep deprived. Stick with stressed out over your mother which combined distracted you from the correct location.

    From now on be mindful–location, location, location.

    Then, just double check before you leave home and accept you need to use check lists.

    Hope your mother is better.

    • True, Jean! At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      I’m getting better at keeping lists, but it’s been a tough habit to learn. I remember when I did two weeks’ grocery shopping at a time without a list and ALWAYS had everything I needed. Now, if I go in for two things and don’t write them down, I’m pretty much guaranteed to forget at least one.

      Mom’s having more downs than ups. It was too soon for her to be released from the hospital, where she had too many doctors with distinctly different ideas. But if sheer determination can get her better, well, my sisters and I aren’t hardheaded for nothing. Thanks for asking.

  2. Funny now. Not when I picked up the road map (after reaching Durant) and saw the trail marked on it north and south of Duncan. Ack.

    But now I know. I’ll never forget. And I’ll never head out anywhere without making sure I know my final destination.

    • It’s been a looong time since my Oklahoma history class. About all i knew about the trail before Friday was that it went pretty much north/south across the state. Oh, and it involved cows. lol.

  3. Marilyn,

    My dad used to say he was like an old cow following a trail. When he got in the car, he was likely to be headed toward work (where he drove most of the time). You had to sit up front and really navigate to get him where he was going!

    I took a scenic route home the other day when I was driving by myself. I got all turned around and started text messaging my kids. One of them called me, pulled up a map online and navigated me out of the sticks. I do so love technology. spw

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