From Bad Comes Good

I’m writing this ahead of time because I will be in Cozumel–barring any unforseen occurrence. This trip has been postponed for over two years, so no hating or whining because I’m gone. And that’s part of why I titled it this way.

It’s raining here at Twisted Creek, and the DH has called periodically to make sure that our road hasn’t flooded yet. Our pasture turned into a lake, which is all right–up to a point. This weekend our neighbor’s pond overflowed and flooded our shop. Fortunately all the engines and major car parts are off the cement. And our offices flooded, but only minor. No carpet to ruin. The good to come out of this is that DH will finally hire someone to come out to dig a drainage ditch on the neighbor’s side to divert the water, AND get the drain cut in our driveway.

From the book signing, I learned how important finding the right audience to show case my work. This means that I will forgo other signings unless there is a strong romance presence. I fully understand that I might not sell a book there either, but what I write won’t be called trash either. I will be excited to attend regional conferences where book signings are offered. If books don’t sell, I will have a chance to learn more about my craft, plus network with others who enjoy what I write.

What good lessons have you learned recently? (You will have to give me a few days to send replies–I will be thinking of y’all while I’m sunning on the beach!)

2 thoughts on “From Bad Comes Good

  1. Hey Meg, for all the people who dare to call your work “Trash” just remember this…I read recently that over 83% of Americans say they want to write a book. Less than 1% actually ever do it. So the next time someone calls your book trash, ask them how many books they’ve written…much less gotten published!

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