Cozumel Trip 10.30-11.4.09 071 What captured your attention first in this picture?

The water? The clouds? The island? The sky? Or the marvelous display of color?

I took this photo between dives 2 and 3 while off Cozumel because of the amazing study in blue. I have to admit that the camera doesn’t do justice as compared to the eye.

Our perception of the world colors our stories as much as nature paints the picture. A negative spin could be that rain is imminent, the underwater world becomes dull, you will be cold riding in an open boat. Or perhaps you notice how far away land is. I choose the positive outlook. The rain washes the salt water off my skin, the water will feel so much warmer once I descend back into the ocean, the rain won’t last long so the colors underwater will once again become vibrant.

And when the rain has passed, once more blue skies return as do rainbows.

Cozumel Trip 10.30-11.4.09 020What is your perception?


8 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Meg,

    I think the pictures are great. What does it say about me that I noticed they were ‘off’ horizontally before I saw the beauty of the subjects? I’m so anal retentive… and I can’t frame up a good picture to save my own life.


    • Sandee–
      I never noticed the first one was off horizontally because I was on a speeding boat–bow up, stern down. I used to be like that about framing the perfect picture until I let go. For every 100 pictures, you get one money shot. With digital cameras we have the freedom to shoot and delete.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Loved the pictures, Meg! In the top one, the first thing I noticed was the blue. Which just happens to be my favorite color. In the second, I zeroed in on the rainbow. Love, love, love rainbows!

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your trip with us.

    • Thanks, Linda!
      I loved the blues and that was one of the reasons I snapped the picture. Someone described the water as Tidy Bowl Blue. Accurate to a degree.
      I love rainbows too! Ended up taking about 7 pictures from different angles.
      I hope to bring more of my trip into my next book.

  3. Meg,

    The first time I went to the ocean we lived in SoCal. We went camping on the beach near San Diego. The first night there I was so amazed as I watched the waves roll in and they actually glowed green. I know there’s chemical reaction that makes that happen, but was mesmerizing to see.


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