Gifts and Regifting

With the holidays coming up, I’ve been thinking about gifts. I’m not a great shopper. I love to find just the perfect gift for people, but I hate going to stores (which makes it kind of tough finding that perfect gift!).

Perfect gifts are . . . well, perfect, but funny/odd/quirky gifts (or gift-giving habits) appeal to me a lot. When my nephew Kevin was about six, every time I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, “Anything but a Barbie.” Of course, in addition to a video game, I got him a Barbie. The next year he gave me a box of coal. (He regifted the Barbie to his big burly uncle Ron, who gave it back a year later.)

A few years ago, my aunt Alice’s friend gave her a box of truffles for her birthday. She hates truffles, so she stuck them in the freezer, pulled them out at Christmas and gave them to her sister. Her sister stuck them back in the freezer, pulled them out a few months later and gave them to her best friend. Come Alice’s birthday the next summer, the best friend gave the truffles back to her.

My aunt Linda trades the same birthday card with her best friend year after year. She crosses out her friend’s name, writes hers on it, and her friend does the same when she returns it.

Meg and I usually trade goodies when we see each other. One year I bought an inexpensive (like 50 cents) gift bag, filled it with stuff and gave it to Meg. Next time I got the bag back, filled with her goodies. I don’t remember how many exchanges that bag made before it fell apart at the seams, but we definitely got my 50 cents’ worth from it.

What’s your take on gift-giving? Are you always serious? Do you like gag gifts? Do you ever regift?


3 thoughts on “Gifts and Regifting

  1. I love shopping, except for Christmas and the pressure is on. When I find something I think will be perfect, I get it then. The bad thing is that I store it and usually forget I got it.
    I’m seldom serious, hence the trading gift bag. I believe I’m doing my part in going green by recycling bags. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love to get gag gifts, and give them. Since my sister doesn’t read this blog, I will be hiding the hideous faux gold plastic angels in her house on my trip to Austin next week. We have been ‘gifting’ these things to each other for years.

  2. We all know I have ZERO sense of humor, so I don’t regift. I put the unwanted gift in the closet until we need the space and then donate it.
    Uh, Todd does ALL the Christmas shopping–even his own. It started when I worked weekends at the hospital. He’d shop on the weekend that I worked, calling me every time he hit an new store. He would get it all done and I didn’t have to worry about it.
    Ah, I love my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Marilyn,

    That tale about the truffles sounds like something done with fruitcake…

    I will regift perfectly good things… for instance, I told my girlfriends in CA about Bert mixing paint in my blender (yes, he does stuff like that, appalling as it may seem). Unbeknownst to them, my son had already bought me a great new blender and labeled the other one “Dad’s Paint Mixer” and put it in the garage. When I left CA, they gave me a lovely red blender. That I don’t need. Who do I know that is crying out for margaritas?? spw

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