Breaking The Routine

I must confess: I’m a shopaholic. Shameless sale hussy. Clearance Queen. Bargain Babe.

And for the first time in 1o years, I didn’t get up at 4 am…but I did shop the Black Friday Sales at 8:30–in Dallas.  For me! I’ll try to get a picture on The Twisted Sisters blog later.

But that’s not my topic. I broke a routine, and for me that’s a big deal. Bigger than scooping an awesome bargain!!  This year has been my time to deviate from my carefully normal ordered  life.  I discovered that I can write almost anywhere, not just my office, or when it is quiet, or only in the morning. I don’t even have to ‘have’ a lap top. There are notes on several napkins, paper towels, and the backs of envelopes.

During the next few months, I will be driving my husband to work (in Dallas) as he recovers from double shoulder separation/tendon repair back to back surgeries. As much as I LOVE to shop, and I do know where the bargains are, I will be writing, or doing research either camped out in his office building. Or if the weather is nice, across the street at the Frisbee park. 

Are you going to break a routine that may be holding you back?


10 thoughts on “Breaking The Routine

  1. DH’s unfortunate ‘break’ has resulted in your ‘break’. From your routine. Life is weird that way sometimes. Now you’re going to have tons of time to plot, write, edit and revise. It will be interesting to see how fast you get that ms completed.

    How long of a drive is it from Twisted Creek to downtown Dallas?

    Oh, and I’ve already broken the routine of ‘not’ writing consistently. I’m close – real close – to THE END of my current WIP. Woot!

    • Good for you, Linda!!! Finish it soon!!

      The drve took me only 45 minutes on Friday, but come Monday, if we don’t leave by 6, the time doubles–if there are no wrecks.

      • I’m working on it … I’m working on it! {{pant}}

        I fully understand about the drive times and how long it takes depending on what time you leave. They’re doing major road construction in Catoosa so if I don’t leave really early, I get stuck in the traffic jam of where Hwy’s 412 and 66 join up. And that doesn’t even include if there’s a wreck! {{double ugh}} I could go a different way, but all route’s are clogged up with construction right now. Sheesh. Ya’ just grin and bear it.

  2. Hello all,
    Meg, how great is it that you found inspiration in an otherwise kick in the teeth. You could be moping or stuck in a rut with the change in your routine but instead you’re persevering and rolling with the punches. Me? I’d be huddled in the fetal position bemoaning my fate.

    As for routines…I’m thriving in my own with no plans to cut the umbilical cord to them. At least not anytime soon.


  3. Meg, you just never know what kind of impact breaking out of your routine might have. Who know’s you might be writing over at the Frisbee park, see some hot guy and write a whole comedic romance around THAT guy. Or maybe a frisbee narrowly misses someone’e head, and the KA heroine in your next book springs to life. Anything is possible, right?

    For me 2009 has been all about breaking routines! Whether it’s been breaking my eating habits, and losing 45 lbs, or breaking through to realize I write paranormal and ghost stories…the whole year has been about thinking outside the box. I’ve got my fingers cross that 2010 will have me scribbling outside the lines even more.

  4. Lynn,
    You amaze me with your accomplishments! Good gong for you.

    Good scenarios for the park. I keep hoping the hot SRT guys will be around part of the time.

    Did I mention that one of the EMTs who came out looked a lot like Rick
    Schroeder? OMGosh… Then I was about to give him DD phone number when I noticed the wedding ring. 😦

  5. Stupid wedding rings!!! They always get in my way! LOL.

    My routine always changes, depending on the semester. I am glad that you are breaking out of your routine. So many great things will come out of this!

  6. Meg,

    Give the dear one a hug (low, not on the shoulders) from us. I know how that feels I’ve had one of my shoulders surgically repaired. I guess I’m still amazed at how gimpy I was and how quickly I felt better. I hope DH heals up and you can enjoy the drive time. My hubs and I commuted together for three years across Houston. It was some of the best conversational times of our lives. We shared all our work drama and helped each other so that when we got home, we were ready for kids and dinner!

    Drive safely and enjoy your broken routine. May I suggest a Starbucks with wifi access? They have a great deal with AT&T, all you need is a starbucks gift card, register it online and use it at least once a month, then you get wifi access fro FREE at Starbucks.

    It saved me during the wildfires in CA. spw

  7. Sandee–
    His hugs are what I’m missing the most right now. You are so right about the conversations! They have been great.
    I finally got Internet access at his office, so I’m doing well.

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