Last week, I received Susan Boyle’s first professional CD.  You remember her; she’s the frumpy lady from Scotland that sang so beautifully in the British version of AMERICAN IDOL.  When she first came on stage, the entire audience, including the judges, started chuckling.  She looked like a wannabe of all wannabes.  But the moment she started singing, mouths dropped open and eyes widened all over the auditorium.

As is common today, her entire performance ended up on YouTube and made one million hits in less than a week.  Everywhere, Susan Boyle was on everyone’s lips, in everyone’s email, on everyone’s TV show.  By the end of two weeks, she was as well known as what’s-his-name who became the first African-American President of the USA.

Strangely enough, she didn’t win the contest.  A bunch of dancers beat her out.  Does anyone remember the group’s name?  Does anyone remember what kind of dance they did?  Are they bringing out any kind of DVD?  And if so, is it being anticipated as much as Susan’s CD was?  I understand, her disk pre-sold over one million units.  Wow!

I have a theory about that; I think when the kids were announced as a dance group, they looked like a professional dance group and no one doubted that they would do a great job.  But Susan came out, her graying hair disheveled, and looking like a middle-aged housewife.  When Simon questioned her, she sounded like someone’s mother…not a semi-trained musician.  But when that voiced poured out like gold…man!

I’ve read books like Susan Boyle.  Crappy covers, so-so back blurbs, or maybe having a doubtful premise, but because I was judging it for a contest, I HAD to read it, no matter what.  Then I get into it, and whoosh!  I can’t put the book down.  It’s the kind of story that can keep me from doing my housework (not always that hard, I will admit).  Or maybe I stay up all night, unable to sleep until I know what happens next.

That’s the frumpy book that reads like an angel.  I haven’t written one yet.  I’ve written good books and I’ll write better ones as my skills become stronger.  But I can’t wait to write my “Susan Boyle” book, the one that may look frumpy, but will blow the reader away.



  1. I’ve actually heard that she suffered some kind of breakdown (whether mental illness or exhaustion) and has pulled out of some of her tour dates. She might be the kind of star that needs to just record in a nice safe recording studio.

    I think the analogy to a book that we can’t control the looks of is very apt. I will admit to being very back blurb and cover driven. I’m sure I’ve put a few books back that could have been wonderful, but didn’t tickle my fancy. spw

    • It’s strange what attracts us to a certain book. When I saw the front cover of WARLORD, something about it just drew me. Then when I read it…wow! I finished it and immediately re-read it. Can’t wait for her next one to come out. She only puts out one book a year, darn it!

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