Call me a lunatic!

The strangest, but true thing happened this week. While driving home last night after chauffeuring my kids to karate and guitar practice, my daughter observed that the moon was so bright we hardly needed the high-beams. We live out in the middle of nowhere. Driving home late in the evening over a winding two-lane blacktop can be kind of scary. So yes, I’m that annoying jackass who drives with their Brights on and blinds on-coming motorists.

But my DD was right. The moon was full and bright. We pulled into the local “stop and rob” for gas and noticed a large, and I’m mean huge, black wolf-mix dog sitting in the grassy easement between the road and the gas station. He had no collar and didn’t seem to be the least bit afraid of strangers. He simply sat with his head cocked watching folks pump gas.

And it was a little creepy.

My overactive imagination could practically hear him thinking, “That one’s breakfast. Oooh, there’s lunch. And ah, the big guy’s dinner.”

The incident inspired me to go home and write a short story about a werewolf. This just goes to show, you never know where the inspiration for your next story will come from.

So tell me, what’s the strangest or most interesting event, place or person that’s ever inspired you?

L Somerville


5 thoughts on “Call me a lunatic!

  1. I don’t think this qualifies as the ‘strangest’ but it was different. My cousin told me about an ‘urban’ legend of the teenage girl who is walking down a used to be deserted road outside Dallas (insert your favorite town). After she accepts a ride back into town and the guy takes her home, she disappears.
    That story stayed with me and become part of TROPHY WIFE–a book I wrote that now resides under the credenza in my office.
    Awesome story, Lynn!!! Monday night I was outside in the hot tub and noted the same bright moon.

  2. Lynn,

    I have a folder full of stuff that struck my fancy and I didn’t want to forget. Story Fodder. My favorite is an email that got passed around in the early 90’s. It was (supposedly) emails from someone at the Smithsonian Institute to a woman who sent them a ‘fossil’ to identify. Seems she’d been digging in the backyard with her kids who were convinced that the wrenches and barbie doll heads were actual fossils. The very nice “no, it’s not a fossil” email was a crackup. I still have it in my folder. I think that someday, that nice man from the museum is going to go look up that single mother…. spw

  3. Meg:

    I’ve heard that story too. Except in one version the guy offers her his coat. When he comes back to find her the next day, he finds his coat folded on her grave. In another version, he comes back the next day to see, knocks on the front door, talks to her mom and learns she’s been dead for years.

    Great story.

    I’m so jealous you watched the moon from a hot tub. I need to get one of those.

  4. Sandee,

    I love that…”No, it’s not a fossil” That’s too funny. But I can see a great story potential there. Maybe a romantic comedy?

    Like you have an folder on my laptop where I keep story ideas. I also have a file box full of newspaper and magazine clippings that inspire story ideas. Friends and family who know I write often send me story ideas too. I’ve started taking some of these old ideas and working them into short stories rather than let them mold until I get the chance to flesh them out into a full novel.

  5. I got a “cute meet” idea while standing in line with my kids for a movie. My heroine is a single mom of a son and takes him to a chldren’s play that is running a special “family” night. She can get in, but has to pay full price for them both since there isn’t a “family”. My hero, a single dad with a daughter, overhears and convinces her to “pretend” they’re a family for the special price. Once in the theater, they HAVE to sit together and get acquainted.
    That’s as far as I got, but it’s in my story folder.

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