Christmas and Writing

I’ve heard authors moan about how Christmas preparations cuts into their writing time.  Oh, really?  It’s just a matter of–

Crap!  Was that the time on my oven?  Hang on until I get my cookies out.

Now, what was I saying?  Oh, yeah.  Writing during the holiday season just takes—

What did she say?  Did Katie Couric just say tomorrow is the last day the Post Office can guarantee a before Christmas delay?  It can’t be!  I don’t have all my cards addressed yet!  Hang on…hang on…

Okay, okay, I’m back.  I’ve heard some authors say…  Oh, wait. I’ve already written that, haven’t I?  What I mean is that it just takes an adjustment to the author’s schedule.  For instance–

You just didn’t clog up, did you, kitchen sink?  When I have all these bowls and cookie sheets to wash?  Do you think I can afford the time to get you cleared?   *#&%**!

Excuse my little tantrum.  Now as I was saying, writing during the holidays can be challenging.  I find it handy to make a schedule and…

Party?  What party?  You mean, the party where I volunteered to bring the Party Mix?  The Party Mix I haven’t even started yet for the party that starts in 40 minutes?  Acccch!

Oooom.   Ooooom.  Excuse me; just a little yoga to get my blood pressure under control.  Back to the subject.   When writing at this time of the year, make sure you have–

Wouldn’t you know it?  I don’t see the Millers all year long and they pick NOW to drop by for their annual hours-long visit.  Can’t I get a break here?

 Absolutely nothing else is going to interrupt me from finishing this blog!  I swear by all I hold holy that–


Okay, that’s it for now.  My beautiful daughter-in-law just came.  We’re going shopping for toys.  After all, Grams (that’s me!) has a reputation for giving her great-grands nothing but the coolest gifts.

So much for writing.

Hope you all have a happy holiday and I’ll catch you on the flip side!


15 thoughts on “Christmas and Writing

    • Your time will come. I think buying for grands is better than kids since you’re not responsible for noise level, how many pieces, or how messy. Just how safe and how cool it makes you look to the grands.

  1. I won’t think it’s so funny if I don’t get all my stuff done! Why does the hospital INSIST on staying open at this time of the year when they KNOW I need extra time off.

  2. Jackie:

    Great post. This is my first Christmas as a grandma! I’m sooo looking forward to Christmas this year.

    Merry Christmas to all

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