Still the One

I’m a Scorpio and proud of it.

One of the odd things about Scorpio females is that we often recognize our future mate upon our first meeting. That was true of my DH and me. I knew the minute I saw that guy, the one with the black, curly hair, bronzed skin, and brown eyes, standing across the room, that he was the one.

Even so, I waited a full two weeks before I spoke to him. I walked up to him at a party and said, “I’ve been deserted. Will you talk to me?” That was thirty years ago and we’ve been together ever since. During those thirty years, I’ve lived enough romance to keep me writing for the next thirty years.

I set the tone for our marriage as we were walking out of the church on our wedding day. I turned to him, announcing, “Just so ya know, divorce is not an option. But homicide is always on the table.”

The key to keeping our relationship alive for us has always been our ability to laugh together. Through financial success and near bankruptcy, through sickness and in health, we’ve always been able to yuk it up.

My DH has an irreverent sense of humor and I often find myself playing the straight man. While I was in labor with our first child, my DH read to me from Truly Tasteless Jokes. The nurses were appalled but that’s because they didn’t understand…the man was scared sh*tless. It’s one the most endearing things about him, he uses humor to cover those moments when the guy is supposed to be brave, but he’s really scared out of his mind.

I’m fortunate that my DH supports my writing. He lovingly calls me his “smut monger” and daily asks me how much “smut” I’ve written. He regularly jokes that the best part of being married to a romance writer is that he never knows which character he’ll be sleeping with. J

I doubt he’d like knowing he’s been the inspiration for many of my heroes. Again and again, lifetime after lifetime, he’s still the one.


9 thoughts on “Still the One

  1. Lynn–
    So sorry to hear about your mother’s accident. I hope she’s doing OK.
    You did get a keeper!! What a special man, but then you’re a special woman.

    Us Scorpios are passionate about our men.

  2. Yes we are. Of course we scorpios are passionate about everything we do. From one special scorpio to another, that’s what makes us so great! And speaking of accidents, how’s your DH recovering? I hope all is going well and he is on the mend.

  3. Lynn,

    I do love a story with a happy ending!! I never had that ‘he’s the one’ moment. Never met eyes across a crowded room. My DH had to work at it to get me to agree to marry him… but he is the smartest man I know and he was right about us.

    I think humor is totally underrated as a stress reliever. I find my DH endlessly amusing and we laugh through most of our hardest times. Silly is good sometimes. spw

  4. Your DH sent out a blog 911 on your behalf-he’s definitley hero material. My DH would probably say blog, what’s that? And what’s wrong with missing a day, it’s not like it’s a job. 🙂

    The love of my life is wonderful in all other ways, though. After I scrreeched how important the blog is, he’d risk life, limb, and my threat to do bodily harm to make me happy.

    Here’s wishing many more years of wedded bliss to you, Lynn. Though I don’t think you need the well-wishes, it seems like you guys are operating on more than good luck. It sounds like Lourrve! 😉


  5. Sandee:

    Silly is absolutely good. Someday I’ll have to share with the story of our Thanksgiving food fight. It was realy Animal House moment and we still laugh about it to this day!

    Sounds like you have a terrific DH too.

  6. Casanova:

    Scropio males pretty much know what they want and go after it. They typically don’t let anything get in their way. Check out Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. It’s pretty well written.

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