Week Out Of Time

It’s over.  All the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas.  The baking is finished.   The gifts are unwrapped and gift cards spent.  Hopping from one holiday party and/or family gathering is completed and we come to what I call the “week out of time”.  It’s the last week of the year, one where we all wait for the new year to dawn.  To me, it’s a time to reflect on the past year and wonder about what’s coming.

I have admit…I think last year was good.  Not spectacular, but good.  For the past few years, since my mom’s death, I’ve been kind of wandering around in a haze.  Sure played the devil with my writing.  But after getting my grieving under control and my health issues settled (as well as getting on a happy pill), my life settled down this year.  Enough so, I’m actually writing again.  Not a lot down, but I’ve regained my enthusiasm for my story and worked on some stories. 

As for the future year, I made some New Year’s resolutions already.  First, I WILL finish TEARS this year, even if it’s such a rough draft I’ll have to spend half of next year re-writing.  I also want to submit at least three short stories for sale.  I’d love to say I’ll sell three, but since I don’t have control over that, I’ll settle for submitting.  And I’m going to read and study at least one writing how-to book a month.  God knows, I’ve bought enough; most of them I’ve only skimmed.  Now, I’m really going to go in-depth.

So, how about you?  Any resolutions you would like to share?


5 thoughts on “Week Out Of Time

  1. My new year’s resolution? Get Grave Secrets polished, get a MUCH better synopsis, write up a query letter, then start sending that baby out.

    If I try doing more than that, my head will explode. 🙂

  2. I’ve lost 45 lbs in 2009. I hit a plateau but I’m aiming for another another 30…at least. My biggest focus will be on completing my current WIP and then submitting. I’ve dropped alot of extra activities, like guitar lessons, to focus soley on writing this year.

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