What’d They Get for Christmas?

If you’re like me finding the time and the inspiration to work on your current WIP has been tough over the Holidays. I’ve struggled to carve out the time to write since Thanksgiving. If it wasn’t for critique partners, I might not have written anything. Not only was time short, but so was my muse. It was almost as if my characters, knowing I had other things on my mind like shopping, cooking, cleaning, and wrapping presents, took a vacation. Now that the hustle and bustle is past, I’ve got the time to write. But my characters are still off playing somewhere else.

So to call them back I tried a little writing exercise sort of like the one Jackie Kramer gave us at our recent retreat. I pictured the hero and the heroine from my current WIP at midnight on Christmas Eve and asked myself, “What did they give each other?”

Mike, a musician, gave Car two gifts. The first, a heart-shaped box inscribed with a verse from one of his songs. Most importantly, he cleaned out his closet and chest of drawers to make room for Car in his life, literally and figuratively. You see Mike believed that in dream he’d seen his own death. Until he met Car, he was afraid to plan, let alone hope for, a bright future. Because of Car, he’s able to see beyond what might be to what can be.

When Car met Mike she believed in very little. The world was black and white. She thought the here and now was all there was. She had no faith and no hope for life or love everlasting. But the miracle of loving Mike is now all the proof she needs there is indeed a God. This Christmas, she gave Mike a cross inscribed with the words, “Because I believe.”

Think about your current WIP or about the book you just wrote (Remember, these are your characters not ones from a book you read) and tell us, what did your hero and heroine give each other for Christmas?


6 thoughts on “What’d They Get for Christmas?

  1. What a great exercise. AND HARD!

    Ashren would bring Coree a crystal vanilla orchid hand picked from the quartz gardens at the center of their town. He knows how much she loves them, but she’d never pick one for herself- if everyone plucked a flower there’d be no garden. Still, for her, he’d risk any backlash just to make her happy.

    Coree would give Ashren the one thing he’s wanted since his curse began-her unburdened smile.


  2. Lynn,

    What a fun exercise. I figured Brace would give Tory a carat jewel necklace the color of her eyes. She’d give him a coffee table book on the photography of West Texas. spw

  3. Great exercise, Lynn.
    Right now, neither H/H wouldn’t give the other a thing or a hard time.
    KC would give Janko a horse he could ride. Janko would give KC another rose he’d created in her honor.

  4. Sandee:

    I can just see Brace giving Tory a little bling. She would just be bowled over. And he would be so taken aback by something like that book. Especially because Tory picked up on his love of West Texas. I’m betting Brace would be very moved by the gift. Very cool.

  5. Ahhhh….horses are great until you get one with a strong personality. I’ll give you Sue…come and get her. I’d offer to bring her but she’s chewed through the trailer wiring again!
    Don’t get me wrong. I love my critters. When they forget who is boss, I get a bit touchy. I gave Don a horse (Sue) he could ride then we stopped riding. LOL. My horse is not one I would put anyone who isn’t an expert on. Gambler is a real gamble to ride.

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