I Double Dog Dare You!

Okay, we’ve talked about goals…goals, goals, goals. Now it’s time to pony up. Are you all in?

I am throwing down the gauntlet. Are you ready to take on a challenge? You better be because I’m issuing one. Yeah, that’s right, I’m getting pushy and, lovingly, in your face. Why? Because I know you’re smart, literate, and undeniably talented. (Gee, where have I heard that before?)

Whether you are published or unpublished, here’s the challenge:

Twelve… 12… submittals this year.

That’s right, I’m challenging each of you to submit, submit, submit. I don’t care if it’s a short story, a poem, or the great American novel. You can write all day, all night, 365 days a year, but if you never submit, you’re just writing for yourself.

Come on…it’s only one submittal a month. You know you want to. What have you got to lose…your fear of success??????

Go for it!

No excuses. No self-sabotage. Take the challenge with me.

I dare ya!


11 thoughts on “I Double Dog Dare You!

  1. Lynn,

    This is a TOUGH challenge. I’m stressed if I submit three times in a year… But sending out one thing a month seems imminently doable. spw

  2. Yeah, Sandee! It’s one thing a month. I’ll even count contest entries. If you consider those too, it’s really not that tough. The idea is to just put yourself out there. Like you said yestereday, you can cross genres. As long as your writing and submitting, it doesn’t matter.


  3. Yay! Jackie. I’m so glad you are taking me up on the challenge. But what the hell is this “fail” business! You only fail when you don’t try. I’ll be the shoulder to cry on. We’ll share a carton of ice cream and brownies together when we’re rejected. Then we’ll party hearty when we sell.

    Oh, yeah, did I forget to tell the rest of you that there is chocolate all through this journey?

  4. RD:

    Oh, yeah this is fun. Rejection is just one step closer to sold. Look at it this way, it’s like dating. You have meet a few duds before you find the right guy. Just as not every guy you meet is the one for you, not every editor you submit to is right for you too. The biggest thing is not to take rejection personal but use it to fuel your determination.

  5. Well, crude bud! If I don’t take your challenge, you’ll never have lunch with me again, will you? 😦

    I’m with Jackie . . . you may hear a lot of whining, grumbling, moaning and groaning, but I’ll step up to the plate, too. So, is this a contest like thing you’re doing? You said there’s chocolate involved. When? Where? How much?

    Hmmm, I see this tying in with the Bold & Sold loop. i.e. set your goal of one a month, then go for it. Right?

  6. Linda,

    Of course we’ll still have lunch even if you don’t take my challenge. I would’nt dare miss that. But we will have to go some place where they serve hot dogs so you can be with the other wiennies.

    I would never compete with Bold and Sold. Just think of this an extra push to pursue your goals. Just a little extra rock fuel to boost you to the stars. (Oh, that was soooo cheesy. Sorry)

    Sorry, in a rare mood tonight.

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