Spring is in the air. Sort of….

I hate winter. So much so that a long time ago I decided that for me, personally, January is the start of spring. The worst of the winter is over by then (I tell myself), and March is almost here….and March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, right? So surely, that means that January is the official start of spring. And I must be onto something here, because my mailbox is already crammed with nursery fliers, and only last week I swear I saw the salesgirl at Wal-mart putting swimsuits out.

These early signs of the summer are very exciting to me, as I sit woefully staring out at the frozen tundra that is my pasture, but the one thing sure to get my blood pumping is when the hatcheries start sending me their spring promo booklets. That’s right, folks, I am a chicken-lover. Not as in, Cordon Bleu, or even roasted with garlic butter. Nope. (although both of those options are yummy).

What I am talking about are the live birds. I am a hatchery addict, and will sit and gaze in stupefied wonder at the full-color glossy print ads that show all the bejeweled little birdies in their most glorious plumage. I will spend hours picking out which birds I plan to buy this spring, agonizing over whether or not to get a dozen Buff Orpingtons, or six Buffs and throw some Plymouth Barred Rocks in, too. I am particularly fond of heritage breeds, the birds that are directly descended from those that our ancestors raised, but I am also enraptured by the mere thought of all the wondrous, modern cross-breeds and their flamboyant feathers.

This hobby came upon me unexpectedly just a few short years ago, but after moving to Kansas and getting my first couple of hens, I became an addict. And I don’t limit myself to chickens. I fawn over ducks, turkeys, guineas and peacocks, too. If it has feathers, I am enraptured, although not to the extent that I am willing to invest thousands of dollars and hit the show route, lugging my birds from state to state in chase of an elusive purple ribbon (and yes, there are people who do that). Nope. I am perfectly content to raise, feed and love my little flock of misfits right here on my little piece of muddy heaven.

So, my question for you today is this… with summer so close at hand (I am a believer!) what are you most eagerly looking forward to? Long days at the pool, sipping iced tea and oogling hot lifeguards (not a bad idea at all, come to think of it). Or maybe you can’t wait to dig your fingers into the dirt and watch the fruit of your effort grow, literally? Or perhaps, like me, you just want to drop the tailgate down and sit in the shade and watch the chickens peck the ground (I do not get out much and am very easily entertained).

Either way, whatever it is you look forward to most this summer, have faith, folks! The worm has turned and spring is in the air…sort of.


6 thoughts on “Spring is in the air. Sort of….

  1. KC,

    Wow, we don’t have ANYTHING in common at all. I think all feathered animals are rats with wings… I even try to chase wild birds out of my yard. I have those owls leering down from heights and I throw rubber snakes on the patio.

    When the weather starts to break, it makes me want to get out and try to reclaim my flower beds. I have a 1/2 acre lot in the city and the entire yard was outlined in beds that I planted and fussed over for 7 years. Then we moved to California and left the house rented for two years.

    The beds grew over entirely and trying to figure a way to reclaim them has been the focus of my trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot. I’ve finally settled on the ‘wet newspaper method’ under mulch. Now I need all the newspapers I can get my hands on!! spw

  2. Love the idea of chickens, KC! With all the dogs running loose around here and two dens of coyotes nearby, I’d be afraid to have them, but I do think it’s cool.

    Planting/yard work for me, too. I want to build a couple of raised beds for my vegetable garden, and I’m toying with plans to turn much of my 5-plus acres of yard-to-mow into flowers. I’d love to have an acre or two of wildflowers, and I need to dig up some of the two dozen volunteer crape myrtles and plant them elsewhere. We’ve also had some disease strike our firs, so there are five or six of those that have to be cut down this spring.

    Sandee, I don’t subscribe to the World (though I do think rotting under mulch is its proper place in life). I’ll see if my sister’s tossing hers out; if she is, I’ll get her to save them for you.

  3. I love yard work. Digging in the flower beds is one of my fave things. Although, I have the blackest thumb ever. It’s amazing I can get anything to live. lol The one plant I’ve had luck with is purple heart. That stuff went nuts last year! I’m hoping it does so again. 😀

  4. KC–
    I like chickens too! We have one always angry araucana. I love that breed but our best layer was a dominiker.
    Have you had naked neck turkens? I’ve asked for another round of those. We’d trained a couple of them to sit on our arm.

    Sandee–did you watch THE BIRDS when you were young?

    I’m not much on gardening and tried to redo our front flower beds.

    What does spring bring: dirt track racing! 😉

  5. All I can say is, “To each their own.” Wow, KC, you sure are a multifaceted person. Just when you think you’re starting to know someone, they throw something like this at you. 🙂

    So glad you enjoy you chickens! Meg listed the names of some and I had no idea what she was talking about. Guess I’ve lived too sheltered of a life. Thanks for enriching and brightening my day, ladies!

  6. Spring for me means hummingbirds. I love the little buggers. They’re so aggressive sometimes. I get a kick out of seeing the little ones chasing off bigger hummers. Only problem I have is I can’t keep the wasps out of my nectar.

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