Is a picture really worth a thousand sells?

Okay, so this week I got the cover of Demon Heart sent to me, and I LOVE it! It is everything I hoped it would be, and more. But looking at it got me to thinking about the importance of cover art, and how directly great covers relate to great sales. The only rule of measure I have to go by is myself and my own book browsing, but I can tell you that  if a cover doesn’t grab my attention right away, I’m not going to take the time to read the blurb, no matter how well-written.

Yes, I am that superficial…but I think most readers are. I remember a few months back when my sis was buying some e-books. I was sitting at her elbow and we were browsing the sights. Samhain. EC. Lyrical. And time and time again we would perk up and go ‘oooh, that looks like a good one!’ when a sexy cover caught our attention. We’d read the blurb then, and maybe…or maybe not….she would buy the book, but we did not even bother to check out the books with ‘boring’ covers.  Which is sad, in a way, since I’m sure we missed out on many, many wonderful stories.

What is really sad is knowing that most (if not all) of the authors with lackluster covers had no control over the final look of their books.

So, I was just sitting here, sipping my coffee, wondering if you published gals (and guys) noticed the same thing. How are your sales in relation to book covers? Do the covers that rock generate more sales, or not? I betcha they do!


3 thoughts on “Is a picture really worth a thousand sells?

  1. KC,

    I don’t know whether or not a cover can kill your sales, but I read a great article where authors who had written books featuring women of color found blond headed white girls on their bookcovers. There seems to be a huge problem in the industry where the authors are really fighting to have their bookcovers be actually representative of their characters. (

    I think the covers are really important and I think most authors would like to at least have the ability to veto really bad ones. spw

  2. KC,
    I was really disappointed with my cover the first time I saw it, then stepped back and it grew on me. I do think cover art can help sell a book when you’re not known. After that, name recognition.

  3. I don’t really pay much attention to covers though a stand out one from an author I don’t read will coax me into picking it up.

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