The Back Burner

Back in the old days (Not that I’m old enough to actually REMEMBER the old days.  Okay, Shay, stop snickering!), every kitchen had something simmering on the back burner.  Stock, soup, gruel…whatever.  Writers are the same.  We don’t just work on one thing at a time.

Oh, we may have only one story on paper or computer disk, but you can bet, we’ve all got “something on the back burner”.  For instance, beside the time-travel romance I’m working on, I have two more contemporaries, one romantic suspense, one historical romance, and a mainstream novel where I’ve started either the prologue or first chapter.  In short stories, I have two SF, two horror, and one confession started.  And that doesn’t count the approx. two dozen story ideas I have typed up in a separate file!

I bring this up because I had a break through today.  I was looking over the winners of our recent unpublished contest and, out of the blue, without rhyme or reason, I suddenly had the GMC I needed for the heroine of my romantic suspense.  I’ve known for a couple of years the old one was weak.  Every time I fixed it, judges would all say the same thing.  “Your heroine’s GMC is too weak.”

They may say the same about this one.  But it “feels” right.  Just like that soup on the back burner eventually “smells” right, I’m confident that this time, this story will be ready to put on disk.  Oh, I’ll still work on my WIP, but now, I have another story ready to work on.  Or maybe work on when I need to put my WIP on the back burner to simmer out a problem.

Thank God, my writing stove has a lot of back burners.  Now, if only the “cook” can live long enough to finish all the stories.


8 thoughts on “The Back Burner

  1. Jackie:

    Awesome post. I know what you mean about back burners. I feel like the characters and stories in my head regularly dance conga lines through my head! It’s really crowded in there.

  2. Jackie,

    I have a very neat expandable file with separate slots for story ideas. The whole file is my back burner! I just like to have a bunch of stuff outlined and ready to go. So when I feel the need, I can start writing. spw

  3. Jackie-

    I love this analogy.

    Do you think the stories that “slow cook” are better than the ones you “flash fry?” I think my latest started as a “flash fry” but it’s turned into a slow cook because the insides are still raw. *snorts*

    Oh, well. No one has ever accused me of being the greatest cook, but I’m learning. 🙂


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