The Ghost in the Fedora

Strange things happen at my house.  We built our home on thirty acres after moving from Southern California to Northeastern Oklahoma.  And when I say we built it, I mean my husband.  At the time, he owned a residential construction business so he literally laid the foundation, drove the nails in the sheet rock, and shingled the roof.  It’s a modest little place really, an 1800 square foot brick and white frame cottage style house with a wrap-around porch. In spring, summer and fall, I decorate the front with pot after terracotta pot of geraniums, impatients, marigolds, and happy-faced pansies.  It’s a pretty, homey and cozy.

Not that kind of house that looks haunted. But it is. 

Odd sightings began long before my husband put the last coat of paint on the walls and we moved in. Once the front porch was built, the ghost of a man wearing an old gray fedora began to show up. We got used to seeing him from time to time sitting near the front steps as if waiting for the house to be finished and for us unload all our worldly belongings.  The first time I saw him, I walked over to the guy ready to introduce myself. I thought maybe he was just some friendly neighbor. I took a couple of steps towards him….then…he wasn’t there.  I stood for a few moments with my mouth hanging open, wondering, “Did that just happen?”  It wasn’t nearly as scary as it was jarring.  I had the sense that he meant no harm. He was only curious.  Oddly, we haven’t seen him since the day we moved in fourteen years ago.

Shortly after getting settled in, we decided to have the house blessed.  We arranged for a guy named Joe, who according to a friend, knew about these things, to come and perform the ceremony.  When he was done, we talked about the ghost in the fedora.  I wanted to try to contact him.

“You want to leave this alone,” Joe warned.  “There’s a spirit here, one who guards. He’s playful but not mean. He keeps a dark one away. If you let one in, you let them both in. Leave it be.”

So, we live with weird stuff. Sometimes while the whole family is watching TV in the family room, the stereo in my daughter’s room will turn itself on.  There are times when the printer comes on by itself and runs sheets and sheets of blank paper through it before it just stops.  Hair brushes, toothpaste and soap jump off the bathroom counter at three in the morning.  Our friendly ghost’s favorite game is to play “shut the bedroom door in Lynn’s face.”  He thinks that’s a laugh riot. 

Over the years we’ve gotten used to him. I like to think that maybe we’re the family he didn’t have in life.


11 thoughts on “The Ghost in the Fedora

  1. Lynn,

    You are so much braver than me. That beeping noise you hear is the sound of a moving van backing up to the door. I’m not sure I could live in such a place. I’m a big, fat baby. spw

  2. How creepy, Lynn. For real? You live in an honest to goodness haunted house? How can you sit at the computer and write your horror stories when you’re living one?


    Do you guys burn sage or any other protective herbs?


  3. RD:

    Yes this is for real. You have to understand, the events we experience aren’t that scary. Our ghost is not malicious, he protects us from something worse. We do on occasion burn sage and we have lots of statues of angels and rosaries laying around the house. Although, as long as our “good” spirit is with us, I’m not really worried. He’s become sort of like a pet. Yeah, it’s weird. Next ya’ll see me, you’ll be wanting to call the guys with the straight jackets. 🙂

    • NOT THAT SCARY? To you. To me, it is down right frightening. Just the thought that you have to keep a “good spirit” around to keep away something worse. For me, the something worse would be the guy in the fedora.

      Cool, but weird.


  4. Lynn,
    I think you have to be open to those kind of things to truly experience them. Your ghost knows you’re good people and just likes to have a little fun with you from time to time.

    Reminds me of my bil cause they built their house on a battleground. A few years ago, they started having the same situation as you…things moving on their own, hearing someone walk through the house, etc. He’s never caused them any harm and the kids can see him. Now, my bil is building a new house elsewhere and will be moving. Hmm. I wonder if they’ll tell prospective buyers there’s a ‘ghost in residence’? Or, will ‘Big Boy’ go with them? It’ll be interesting to find out.

  5. As long as he’s peaceful, I think it’s kind of cool having a “house-ghost”. As long as it isn’t something like “Poltergist”. Now THAT was really a scary ghost!

  6. Linda:

    A battleground ghost? That’s pretty cool and sad. He’s probably some poor dead soldier. It will be interesting to see if your BIL’s ghost moves with them.


    Yeah, Poltergist would be very creepy. Playful is one thing, a spirit like the one from Poltergist would run me off.

  7. Lynn, I’m late….not so unusual these days.
    How absolutely cool about your ghost! I love ours. She’s very peaceful, and I think young. We have stories. While Don hasn’t seen her, I have seen a white spectre. I tend to feel her presence more when Don is out of town on an extended trip.
    Our doors tend to open on their own vs shut. We get frustrated when things go missing but know they will always show up at some point.
    I never want her to leave.
    PS..our house was built on the foundation of Paradise School.

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