The Call….again.

Our own Li’l Bit got The Call.  Or in this case, The E-Mail.  That’s when you get notification that you’ve sold your very first book.  And every time it happens to a writer I know, I get to relive the excitement of my “The Call”.

I wasn’t even there when The Call came.  I came home from work and there was a message on my answering machine to call Angela Catalano, assistant editor with Silhouette Desire.  I know my heart stopped.  I didn’t want to get my hope up, but would she have called just to reject my manuscript?  I played the message over and over.  Scared to death, I called the number she’d left and got the good news.  I think I was professional.  God, I hope I was professional, but can’t be sure.  Needless to say, I didn’t delete the message.

Of course, the first persons I called were my folks.  Not home, so I left a message on their machine.  My older son was out of country in the Corps and my younger son was in school.  I called my sister and she wasn’t home either.  I sitting there with the second greatest news I’ve ever had and no one to tell!  Finally, I called Debby Camp who was my mentor and critique partner.  And we came up with a plan.

That night was critique night.  As usual, we visited some before starting work and Debby very casually asked what was new with me.  When my buddies Caron and Gloria (who rode with me to critique) discovered I hadn’t said a word to them, they had a fit.  Needless to say, we didn’t get a lot of work done because another surprise was the beautiful cake Debby had gotten from Merritt’s bakery to celebrate.  It was had a sheaf of roses in icing on top.

Best of all, when I got home, my mom had called back, forgetting I wouldn’t be home.  She left a message on my machine, telling me how proud she was of me.  My mom and I had always had our problems.  I knew she loved me, but most of the time, she didn’t like the person I was.  Her message moved me so much, I saved the tape from the answering machine.  I can’t ever play it; the answering machine is long gone, but that tape with Angela’s and my mom’s tape is one of my treasures.


14 thoughts on “The Call….again.

  1. Jackie,

    I can just SEE you brimming with the news and so excited! I’m sure it must have been amazing. There are some ‘firsts’ that live on throughout our lives. Moments that we remember whenever someone shares their story with us. Ash is a lucky girl who worked HARD to get that call. We are all so proud of her! spw

  2. Crap. I’m crying again!

    Jackie, I love your story! It is so true! I’m still on happy clouds and can’t even believe it. I will have to say this is one of the most incredible and amazing things that has ever happened to me. You only have your first, once. It’s way more than I thought it would be.

    You girls are so awesome! Love you all!

  3. Beautiful and moving memory, Jackie. Thanks for sharing.

    And a great big CONGRATULATIONS! to our own Ashylnn Pearce. Can’t wait to read your work Ash!


  4. What a wonderful memory, Jackie. So glad you shared that with us. And how lovely that on top of selling your first book, you got the added bonus of knowing your mom was proud of you. That is probably a priceless memory for you.

  5. I love your story, Jackie. And I’m sure you remember EXACTLY how you felt when you got that call, even to this day. I wouldn’t think that would be something you’d ever lose, no matter how many books you sell afterwards.

    Thanks for the peek into your world.

    • You’re right about that, Linda. When times get tough, I whisper to myself “You’ve sold your work. Not all writers can say that!”

  6. Great story, Jackie. Isn’t it amazing how you can get such incredible news and have no one to share it with? When I got the call that Hallmark had exercised their option on Season for Miracles and started casting the movie, I was so thrilled, but couldn’t get hold of ANYONE to share the news. Sigh . . . my puppers were there for me, though they didn’t have a clue why I was dancing around the living room shrieking.

    • And I didn’t even have puppers to tell, Marilyn! Another thing. My sister sent flowers to me, but they arrived while I was at work so I wasn’t home when they tried to deliver them. By the time I got home, it was dark, so I did’t see the notice on the door because I drove straight into the garage and didn’t go through the front door. About 10:00 that night, I got a call from the florest, frantic because I hadn’t called him to let him know I was home. Sure enough, when I looked, I saw the notice and ten minutes later, he pulled in with my flowers.
      Meanwhile, my sister’s at home, wondering why I didn’t call about the flowers!

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