I Wanna Be Like Ruthie

Ruthie Culver, that is. Last month’s Reader’s Digest did a blurb about the Sun City woman. She’s 103 years old, still driving, volunteers for four-hours shifts at the local hospital, and sees a doctor every six months for a blood pressure check, nothing more.

Her secret to longevity and good health: “Don’t have enemies. Try to look at the good side of everyone and not be critical.”

More: “I play bridge every Thusday, I love to read romance novels, and I watch the news every night.”

Not only do I want to be active (to say nothing of being alive!) at 103, I want to have her outlook, too. I’d rather play solitaire than bridge, but I hope to still be reading romance novels and watching Brian Williams do the NBC news every night.

There’s so much ignorance out there in the world about romance novels that often even avid readers are embarrassed to admit it. Not Ruthie. She’s still going strong, still giving back, and I bet no one’s ever made her feel ashamed of the books she reads.

May you have many more happily-ever-afters in your life, Ruthie!


9 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Like Ruthie

  1. Wow- 103 years old and still active! Ruthie Culver is one inspirational lady ๐Ÿ™‚ And maybe itโ€™s just some silly thought of mine but I do think reading all those romance novels somehow helped her stay vigorous.

    Romance Novels are like guilty pleasures, lot of people read them but if you ask them, they will probably say that they never bought one in their lives, they are just too busy reading all those serious philosophical novels ๐Ÿ™‚

    • She is inspiring, isn’t she?

      I agree that reading romance novels probably contribute to her health. After all, anything that exercises the brain, right? And a good attitude and optimism go a long way to combating woes and aches.

      Count me as one who hasn’t yet read a serious philosophical novel and never will! Of course, lots of people I know who do claim to read them (or “real” literature) never will, either. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Isn’t she cool?

      I saw an interview on TV once with a lady who was about to turn 106, who still drove herself to church and her volunteer work. She said she was giving up her driver’s license on her birthday because the idea of a 106-year-old woman driving was just ridiculous!

      But a 105-year-old woman driving was okay? It just tickled the snot out of me.

  2. I admit, there have been a few titles/covers that I’ve read at home rather than take out anywhere. But I’ve always been very blunt about reading and writing romance — usually politely so, though I told one guy he was ignorant for having an opinion on something he’d never read.

    LOL about the RD. I don’t subscribe anymore since last time I did, I got only 4 or 5 out of the 12. Some postal employee took the rest. You know, I wasn’t the only person in town subbing to RD; you’d think they could have spread the stealing around. Or, gee, take some of that $20-plus per hour they were making and buy their own.

  3. Absolutely true. I’m a grudge-holder, and I’ve been working over the last few years to get past that. Seriously, I’m still pissed off at people over things that happened 15 years ago, LOL. But I know it doesn’t hurt them — they don’t even know it — but so I’ve been trying to get to the mindset where it doesn’t hurt me, either.

    Yeah, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to give up the keys at 103, don’t you?

  4. You bet, little bit. I’ve always been an optimist — had to be growing up in a family where depression doesn’t just run, it gallops. You’ve got to look for the best and work with what you’ve got. You’re a perfect example of that yourself, you brand-new-published-writer!

  5. I already know I don’t want to live to be 103…not unless someone finds a cure for my arthritis! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess I never felt awkward admitting to reading romances since I had to get grief about reading SF. Back in the day, it wasn’t something females did.

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