Game Play

I’m not a big game player–used to be, and I’m not sure what happened. I’m competitive so are there are other things occupying my life that get in the way? 

If you’ve watched that new reality series, MADHOUSE, you can see a bit of what I am up against on the racetrack Saturday night. BTW: I’m pretty sure this series sold so the show I was going to be a featured driver was cancelled.

What about you?

Do you like playing board games? Card games? Do you have to win, and if you don’t, the world won’t turn right?


11 thoughts on “Game Play

  1. I like backgammon with my mom…..more so when she has had a few glasses of wine…that way, if she loses, she isn’t too upset!!!

  2. Oh, that’s so right. But if you beat me too badly, I will close the board!
    I can hardly wait until you come home. Guitar Hero or Wii Fit?

  3. I love board games! In fact, at the end of my first pregnancy when my mom came to New York to help me, we spent the last week before my delivery playing board games for hours. My mom said one of the advantages of having the new baby is we didn’t have time to play anymore damn games! 🙂

  4. Meg,

    I love to play games: card, dice or board. I’m not at all competitive though. I like to play, but I like to laugh and mess with others, not win! Winning is good, but not necessary. If someone’s too competitive, it makes it less fun for me. spw

  5. Sometimes a little friendly competition is healthy. I don’t get all Greg Focker and bloody people’s noses, 🙂 but I also don’t patronize people if they ask me to try to beat the pants off of ’em.

    My kids love to rub it in when they beat me at Wii because they know I didn’t let them win, they kicked my butt fair and square.


  6. Marilyn–
    After every family dinner (from the time I can remember) the group played Canasta. I used to love it. I also played Bridge with my parents, and sometimes substituted at my mother’s bridge parties. I also did the catering of her parties, too.

    Wahoo is a marble game that I liken to Parchesee.

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