Favorite Book of the Year

Today, I’m at Conestoga, a local SF convention.  Unlike romance conferences, SF “cons” are for readers and writers.  It gives the readers a chance to rub elbows with their favorite writers and the writers the opportunity to meet their fans and pimp their new book.  In between, the con-goers get to play.  There is one room slotted for nothing by gaming 24/7.  Fully clad aliens stalk the halls and filking (singing of SF songs) abounds.  After hours, there are room parties to cover every type of SF/Fantasy that exists.

Later today, Ill be part of a panel called My Favorite Book This Year.  “Which one is that?”, you ask.  I don’t have a clue!  Do they mean the best book published in 2009? Is that limited to a pub date of 2010?   With the size of my TBR pile, one of the best books I read this was published so long ago it’s not even in print anymore.  Since this is a science fiction con, am I limited to SF?  I emailed for an answer, but got no answer.  So in my usual fashion, I’m going to try and cover everything.

One  book I brought to enter is DRAGONHEART by Todd McCaffrey.  I chose this because Pern is one of my favorite worlds and Todd has continued the series in a voice very close to his mother.  He is allowing me to see another era of Pern history which gives me my beloved dragons.  And he does it without violating some of the tenets set forth in the original Pern books.

Another book I brought is MORTAL SINS by Eileen Wilks as part of her werewolves’ series.  Like J.D. Robb’s series, it’s no longer really a romance, but to a purely SF crowd, I’d like to introduce them to the idea that you can really write urban fantasy and romance in a pleasurable read.

And last, I brought my absolutely favorite read for the year…and 2010 will have to go a long distance to beat it as long as I’m concerned.  I’ve already read it twice in one year and can’t stop thinking about it.  SAY GOODBYE by Lisa Gardner.  It’s sold as a thriller though there is a romance in it.  The suspense in it so strong, I can’t even remember the hero and heroine; what has me in awe is the villain.

As you know, each character must have his/her own GMC.  In SAY GOODBYE, we watch the villain develope from a child kidnapped by a pedophile to a serial killer.  We watch as his soul is twisted and deformed by his new life, battering at him until his emotions are totally ripped away from him, leaving him cold and uncaring.  It isn’t as if he doesn’t know right from wrong; he is a man whose moral compass has been shattered by his torment.

There they are…SOME of my favorite books of the year.  Of course, this aren’t anywhere near the only great books I read this year.  For that, we’re going to need a bigger boat!


9 thoughts on “Favorite Book of the Year

  1. Back in the days when I read pretty much ONLY science fiction, I LOVED the Pern series. I think I need to track them down and read them again. Thanks for reminding me of them.

    I’ve been in kind of a book slump lately. I can’t think of a book this year that’s really grabbed me. Of course, that’s probably because most of my reading this year has been for various contests I’m judging. Sometimes I find great books in contests, but there’s always the problem that someone else is choosing what you’re going to get, and this year I’ve been given a lot of subgenres that I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself.

    • The panel went pretty well. Candace Havens was on it and did quite a bit of name dropping, but other than that, we had a nice interaction with the audience.

      So far, I haven’t gotten any books in my MTM pile that will make next year’s Best Book!

  2. Jackie,

    What a tough panel to be on! I can’t imagine what my stack would have been like had I been asked to do that one! I’m excited about the new lease on life for the Pern series. I will definitely go look for Todd’s book.

    Have you read the new episode of the Wheel of Time series to see if the new author carried on the ‘voice’ of Robert Jordan? I know that instead of the one final book in the series, they’ve busted it into 3 or 4 releases. I’d be interested to hear what someone has to say about that continuation of the series. spw

    • I’ve never read the Wheel of Time books, but it was one of the recommendations of another panelists. I’ll have to try it.

  3. My reading has been sporadic this year but I have found a couple of stand outs. I just finished E. Lynn Harris’s “Basketball Jones” and am beginning Lara Adrian’s series. I always love Gena Showalter’s LOTU series and Larissa Ione and Christine Feehan. SciFi/fantasy stuff blows my mind. A friend suggested I read Ann Bishop’s series Daughter of the Blood… best stuff I’ve ever read.


  4. I don’t have a stand-out right now, but I’m longing to read MEG –A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. It is his first book and while not new, it is going to be a movie.
    Wonder how he got to know me so well? 😉

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