The Odd Couple

That describes my husband and me right now. He is 6 days post-op from his right shoulder replacement. I have a sorta cool–but not as awesome as Marilyn’s–brace on my left knee. We look extremely odd going into places. He’s got his right arm velcroed to his belly, a row of staples from the middle of his deltoid that disappears beneath the wife-beater shirt. My limp is not as noticable unless I’ve been on my feet a long time.  Being a writer  you would think that I could concoct a thrilling story.

At our Chinese food restaurant, the owner told Don that if he treat me better, I no have to hit him. She’s so cute that we laughed. Har har. 

So I ask our faithful following to create a nice cover story for me that I can deliver with two or three lines.


11 thoughts on “The Odd Couple

  1. “That stupid wild eyed horse of ours didn’t like it that Don had his arm around me. The horse bit Don on the shoulder to make him let go, then kicked me in the knee to teach me a lesson.”

    Just a suggestion. Thought it needed to have something to do with your critters. Hey, it could happen. 😉

  2. You were showing him how to a choke hold when you bumped your knee. It threw you off balance and your grip slipped and you got his shoulder instead.

    Once, we were in a restaurant and I had my knee splint on, this older man grinned and asked, “Did he do that to you?” I said, “Are you kidding? If he’d even thought of it, I’d’ve beaten him with this thing.”

  3. Meg,

    When I had my shoulder surgery a couple of years ago, I made up a new story every day to regale the other elevator riders with…. it was good exercise of my fiction muscles!

    I think you should tell everyone that you and Don were mud wrestling in the pasture when things got out of hand… spw

  4. You could tell them about the car crash from the your last race and how Don pushed the burning overturned hotrod off your leg before it crushed you. Luckily, thank God, all you had to have was a femur repair and knee replacement.

    Or you could tell them about your exciting writing career and how your group of fans were so excited at the last signing they overturned the weight of your stack of books and the table onto your leg and THEN Don had to save you from the suffocating table, pile of signed books, AND the mass of obsessive fans. 🙂

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