Giving Up

A good or a bad thing?

Depends on what you’re giving up, right? Smoking is a good thing to give up as is any thing that is not healthy. That is why it is so wrong to be eating full fat ice cream and watching Biggest Loser!

What about when you feel as if  you are no longer creative? When writing is a dreaded chore and scrubbing toilets holds more appeal?  That’s not me, not exactly. I’ve discovered another creative outlet — my yard. I’ve never had a house that I landscaped, and I still don’t have one but I’m getting there. Creating a world — a place to escape of my very own–where I can relax, dream, surround myself with beauty no matter the season.

I’m not producing words on a page but in my head ready to grab at a moment’s notice. The blisters, raggedy nails, sunburned shoulders, sore knees and sweat stained clothes are small prices to pay for success.  Write on!


13 thoughts on “Giving Up

  1. Meg,

    It seems like you’re just taking a hiatus, not giving up. Think of it as ‘banking experiences’ and ‘saving emotions’ for when you find yourself facing a blank page. Any amount of rest and relaxation can open up your mind and free your stories! spw

  2. That’s what I’m thinking, Sandee. I do get a few words jotted down every now and then.
    Having a wounded hubby and more interest in metal art has given writing a back nod until HOT weather.

  3. Hey Meggy!

    What is it about your day to day that doesn’t seem like you’re creating? Just because the words or ideas you’re spitting out aren’t lighting your fires or aren’t up to your expectations doesn’t mean that your fans won’t totally love them. Your work is interesting because it is a window into your soul and you are such a dynamic personality a lot of people pay to see what you’re up to. Metal Art, Shadows, or Cinderella, ya feel me? 🙂

    • Thanks, Ren!
      I feel ya, GF!
      You always make me feel good about myself. Right now, it is the weight of chores that have to be done that keeps me away from writing ‘per se.’
      I know I’ve got some short stories brewing from all this physical work.

  4. Margaret–
    Wow…thanks! I would love to see your metal art and grab some help with my roses.
    Thanks for the kind words. I do think about my stories while working. I know once I finish, it will be beautiful.
    Today and tomorrow, I’m installing an outdoor outlet so I can have electricity. More power!

  5. Hey, I just told Bob the other day that I want to take a welding class. There’s a woman who owns an antique/gift shop downtown whose husband makes beds, tables, etc., and teaches a class in it. I think it would be too much fun.

  6. Meg,

    Metal art?? Oh, I want to know more. You need to post pictures. Here’s a thought for all that yard work time that might help get the muse following. I have this character I’m working on who used to mow lawns as a kid. I find that when I work in the yard, I start “channeling” him. I’ve got his whole life story in my head. Later when I go in after working outside, I jot down some thoughts that later will, hopefully, become part of the book.

  7. Lynn–
    I’ve been collecting all kinds of metal things with the intention of letting my muse have her way.
    I do the same channeling!

  8. I love metal art, but don’t EVER let me near a welding torch. The BEST scenerio would be me burning myslef.

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