Catch Phrases

Do you have a catch phrase? I’m not necessarily referring to writing, although I’ve read authors who over use a string of words. Commercials use the phrases to reinforce their product and sometime they become part of our speech.

Thanks to DVR (TiVo) commercials can be skipped. “But I digress….” If there is a really great ad that I think DH needs to see, I will save the TV show  so he can see it too. I did this with the girl on the bicycle for Boost Mobile, and the Planters Cashew commercial.

The ad that we’ve used the catch phrase for is from IKEA. I’m not promoting IKEA here, but the spot with the woman who realizes the savings she got from the store comes rushing out screaming, “Start the car! Start the car!”   This is now our private catch phrase to each other that means we’ve been shopping and got steals and deals.

Yesterday while searching for a coffee table for my son, I had one of those remarkable days where I filled DH’s truck– both the bed and the cab, came home to switch to my small SUV. Woot Woot!!  Off to Dallas in the afternoon! Scccooorrreeee! 

Do you have a catch phrase that you use?


12 thoughts on “Catch Phrases

  1. Raising Arizona. The cop yelling to Ed, “Don’t forgit the fingerprints, Ed! Don’t forgit the boo-quet, Ed!” One of us often tells the other, “Don’t forgit the {whatever}, Ed!”

    Down Periscope. Kelsey Grammer saying, “I LOVE this job!” Which we use for both jobs we really do love and things we hate.

    I know there are others, but I can’t think of them.

  2. Followed the link and loved the banned commercials. The Nanny, hilarious!

    Catch phrases? Hmmm… When DH and I get up during the school year he says, “Time to make the donuts,” from the old Dunkin Donuts commercials. I usually roll back over for 20 more minutes. 🙂

    If I score a good deal or get something I want I’ll say “Ka-Ching” or if I tell a really boring story and want to get someone’s attention I’ll end the story with “and then I found five dollars,” that usually gets people’s attention. 🙂

    Great question Meggy! But hard to answer. If you hadn’t asked I’d be able to tell you a ton of catch phrases we use. I’m full of cliches and borrowed information.

    • Ren–
      I remember that DD commercial!
      Love the “and then I found $5!” 🙂
      Usually when I’m put on the spot, I can’t think of a thing.

  3. I’m like RD, I use a LOT of cliches’. Especially in my writing (unfortunately). Can’t remember most of them at the moment, though.

    One of my favorite catch phrases is, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. i.e. go for it.

  4. I do have a catch phrase, and all my nieces and nephews can finish the statement, they heard it so many times. Here is what I say all the time: “I’m going to rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody end.” I did hear it somewhere many MANY years ago. I don’t remember… maybe Saturday Night Live?

    In the movie, RoboCop, there’s a scene where a bad guy takes a bazooka and shoots out a store front, then he turns to the other bad guys and says, “I LIKE IT!” We say that all the time. I’m pretty sure no one else ever saw that movie, but DH and I still snort. spw

    • Sandee–
      I did see Robocop! 🙂 Just don’t remember much of it. A guy DH used to work with had that nickname. (I don’t think it was a compliment.)

      I’ve heard your first phrase.

      We used to use a lot of Saturday Night Live quips.

  5. I catch myself saying “trust me” alot. I’ve even found it in my dialogue. So when I edit, trust me, I really have to watch closely, or trust me, it shows up everywhere.

  6. One of my favorites was by Henry Fonda from ON GOLDEN POND. “What’s the use of having dwarves if they don’t do chores.

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