Fed Up Friday

Meg here for the moment!

Today I’ve designated as Fed Up Friday. Please add to my list of ticked off tales.

Commercials…yes, I realize yesterday that I blogged referring to a commercial, but if I had the power to change them, I would.

I hate saturation advertising where the same flippin’ spot is run either back to back or 15 thousand times during one TV show!

I hate commercials that come on so blasted loud that my teeth rattle. Do ya think we’re all going to the bathroom or the kitchen and NEED to hear your ad that badly? Come on, get real!

I hate commercials that are obnoxious: Head On, Staples!, Vehix.com–those girls are so stupid and we all KNOW why they were cast. Guys aren’t listening, but women are seething. We don’t need/want/like bimbos.

So what has you fed up on this Friday?   (If you’re having a good day….)


8 thoughts on “Fed Up Friday

  1. Meg!!

    Commercials… don’t get me started. How about this? Remember when Cable TV was first introduced and we were all sold the bill of goods that if we PAID for the cable, we wouldn’t have to look at commercial advertising? Now we pay for cable and still have to see the ads. spw

  2. Commercials can suck but sometimes you find one that really entertains. What about the new “Booty Pop” panties and, my personal favorite, the slap chop commercial. “Slappin’ your troubles away with slap chop… Watch this you’re gonna love my nuts. Watch this you’re gonna love this.” It’s catchy.

    Anyway, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st3nmjTJmVk

    Funny and my kids actually get up and dance to this commercial!

  3. Okay, what had me fed up on Friday had nothing to do with a commercial. They blocked off most of downtown Tulsa for a freakin’ bike race starting at about 3 p.m Made getting out of downtown and home a nightmare!

  4. I’m afraid I added to Meg’s Freaky Friday. I totally missed the notice that Friday was my day to blog. Thanks for stepping in, meg!

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