World Cup Soccer – Eye Candy for Us Ladies

Excuse me while I drool. 

Have you tuned in yet to one of the World Cup Soccer matches?  If you haven’t, you’re missing a real treat – men from all over the world…in shorts. Physically fit men…in shorts.

I love soccer. I played the game for years, in college and later in a recreational league.  Plus I coached all ages from Kindergarten to adults for years. Part of what I liked about the game is that it’s really all about finesse. It’s been said that soccer is a “thinking man’s game.”  To play the sport well, you don’t have to bulk up or be seven feet tall. You don’t have to necessarily be fast.  But you do have to be fit, trim, and agile. And while the game may seem complicated to the uninitiated, it really is just an advanced form of ‘keep-away’. The team that puts the most balls in the net wins.  

While watching the sport I enjoy played at a world class level is great, what I really like are the guys.  You see, even if you know absolutely nothing about the game, it’s great to watch.  There are no helmets to hide handsome faces, no bulky shoulder pads or thigh pads. Just a shirt and shorts. 

Oh, yeah.

Some people complain that soccer is slow. But the pace of the game grants photographers the chance to capture and replay the action in slow motion. So when the a player lifts his shirt to wipe his brow, we get a nice peek at his abs. Watch closely the next time they show you a slo-mo shot of a slide tackle. Watch how the guy’s shorts ride up his thigh. Yum.

Yes, I know I sound like a rambling horn-dog, but I’m not the only one. My seventy-five year old mother called me today. First words out of her mouth, “That Donovan is good looking.”

To see a couple of the guys I’m talking about click on these two links:  

Robert Green, England

Landon Donovan, USA

Or to search out your own soccer hottie, go to

Click on Teams and Groups tab. Then click on any team, such as USA or England.  This will take you to the team rosters. Click on a name and that will bring up a picture and bio.

Now, pardon me, the game’s about to start.


11 thoughts on “World Cup Soccer – Eye Candy for Us Ladies

  1. My only experience with soccer was when the kiddo was about 8. The games were hilarious — kids gazing at the sky instead of the game, digging in their ears (or their noses) instead of watching the ball, falling all over themselves, kicking the ball and sending their shoes flying across the field, giggling.

    Right now my experience is trying to carry on a conversation with same kiddo while he’s watching/listening to the games. Not easy.

    • Marilyn,

      When I coached the five year olds, we called it “Bee Ball” because the kids just swarmed the ball. I had a few that didn’t really want to play but their parents pushed them into it. So they’d get bored and sit in the middle of the field and pick grass. It drove their parents crazy. Today my oldest son and I still talk about the game. My DH isn’t the sports fan in the house, it’s me. So my sons have learned to enjoy football and soccer from me.

  2. Lynn,

    You crack me up. I wrote an article about “men in skirts” once and waxed poetic about men in spandex (ballet and football) and I got so much grief. It will be interesting to see if our WSBlog readers all like the eye candy or not.


  3. I never got into soccer. It wasn’t around when I was in school so I’m more of a basketball fan with some football and MAYBE a little baseball thrown in. My DH isn’t into sports, either.

    • Lynn,

      That’s true. Everyone has their own preference. Both of my parents played basketball so it was natural for us kids to do the same.

  4. I’m not into soccer although I do watch The World Cup. Love the eye candy.
    We wouldn’t let our kids play soccer as it interferred with horse racing. Priorities, right? 🙂 Both started T-ball at 4. Tim did well with football and Amy excelled at basketball, softball & flag football.

  5. My boys did soccer for awhile until I got them blackballed from the league. Sports has never been a big thing for me. I’m more into brainy guys. Believe or not, guys in glasses attract me.

  6. The World Cup got a lot of press this year. It’s the first time I can remember so many being invested in the outcome, but I don’t think anyone did it this much justice, Lynn.

    No one gave the boys in shorts as much credit for the sudden interest in America’s spring football season like you. Bravo! ;-D

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