New and shiny

I just got a new car.  It’s a 2010 Chevy Cobalt and every time I get into it, there is that great new car smell.  When I see it parked in a parking lot, the shiny blue finish gleams in the sun.  Unlike my old car, I’m not sitting in a “pit”, trying to see over the steering wheel.  Instead, we fly down the highway with the radio playing songs from the ’60’s.  I love this car and until I had it, I didn’t even realize how much I didn’t care that much for my old car.

Jackie's new love!

And you know when I usually feel like this?  It’s when another book in one of my favorite series or from a favorite author.  When I get that book, especially if I’ve been waiting for it to be released, my mouth waters.  I check out the cover.  I read the back blurb.  Sometimes I even read the first couple of paragraphs.  I can’t wait to get into the story.

When I first got my previous car, it had the new car smell, but it wasn’t as sweet as my new car.  I didn’t have the same thrill driving it.  When I saw it in a parking lot, all I felt was gratitude I’d found it.

Sometimes, new books do the same thing to me.  I love the series or the author, but the book I so eagerly awaited doesn’t quite live up to anticipation.  I’m right now reading the latest Anita Blake paperback and while it’s okay, it’s not worth the anticipation I had waiting for it.  Part of the problem is that Anita’s not with her guys, and I miss them.  After all, that’s why I like the series.   So this book definitely not what I would call “new and shiny’>

That ever happen to you?


8 thoughts on “New and shiny

  1. Congratulations, Jackie!!!!
    I love your new car! May she keep you flying down the highway both of you singing your favorite tunes.

    Yes, I’ve anticipated the release of a book only to be disappointed, and to be surprised.

    Thanks for the pictures of ??? So what did you name her?

  2. Jackie,

    Nice wheels. I know a lot of people covet that ‘new car smell’.

    I have often experienced moments when the anticipation of a new release/new event far outstripped the actuality. It’s quite depressing.

    I’m surprised you’re still reading the Anita Blake series, I think LKH went off the rails books ago. spw

    • I like the guys. Besides, can’t wait to see how many personalities Anita will end up fighting inside her. 🙂

  3. Jackie,

    Love the car! Can’t wait to see it. And you have something that ‘fits’ you. It’s amazing how much sunnier life seems when you feel ‘at home’ behind the wheel.

    Congrats on your find/purchase.

  4. Hot car! Love the color!

    I know what you mean about anticipation. I grew up with the mantra, “expect the worst and you’re always pleasantly suprised.”

    Hope the new Anita Blake gets better for you as you read more. If not, there’s always new book Tuesday where you can peruse the latest releases and play the anticipation game again. 🙂

    • Heck, Ren, I’m still about 8 books behind that I bought while judging the RITA, MTM, and Orange County. Plus I’m in the middle of Sandee’s book.

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