Forgive and Forget

Yeah, right! Seriously.

Do you? Can you?

As writers we pen that moment when something unforgivable happens between the hero and the heroine. With fiction our characters get over the emotional baggage carried into the story and what occurred. That’s what is so appealing with reading a book.

Drawing from our own experiences where we’ve been wronged, or perceived a wrong against us, brings flavor to the story and a bit of healing.


6 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget

  1. Forgiveness without forgetfullness mean not forgiving at all.
    That’s what I love about fiction. And I do try to practice this in my life.

  2. Meg,

    Part of my issues with my current WIP is that I did have the hero do something very, VERY bad. My critique partners kept saying, “boy, he’s going to have to grovel.” Now, I’m totally freaked out about the part where he tries to redeem himself. spw

    • Sandee–
      Don’t be freaked. Some of us have a long way to go to be redeemable.
      I think you’ll be just fine. Marilyn has written some of the very best bad boys turned hero.

  3. Meg,

    We had a priest once who gave us an entire homily on forgiving. He was from Nigeria and some rogue “militia” had killed his family. It was very moving when he shared that story and how hard he had to work at forgiving those murderers. He said God doesn’t expect you to forget, just forgive. He said sometimes all he could do was pray, “Lord, let them have a nice day.”

    I’ve prayed for a lot of people to have a nice day during my lifetime. {big grin}

  4. Meg,
    Eons ago I had a t-shirt that read, “I don’t get mad, I get even.” At the time, that was pretty much how I felt. But with age comes wisdom (I think) and I’ve learned to be more forgiving. Sometimes when I don’t think I could ever forgive someone, God puts them right in the middle of my path to show me that, yes, I can. Hey. Who am I to argue with Him?

  5. Forgiveness isn’t easy. To accept that someone has hurt you or that you have hurt someone you have to become OKAY with all the scenarios that led you to the point of betrayal. That means you live and relive that moment until it doesn’t hurt anymore and, in a sense, take some of the blame yourself.

    If we don’t learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it.

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