Facebook and Twitter Dummy

Okay, I need help.  I have a fan page set up on Facebook to build an audience for the paranormal stories I write.  One of my ‘fans’ sent me a direct message regarding my blog site. She said under the About section I needed to put more personal information about myself. I’ve gotten the same feedback from a couple of other regular readers, and even my friend, Ren. 

The problem is I don’t have the faintest idea what to write about myself.   In this particular area, I feel socially inept. Yeah, I ‘tweet’ and I read and comment on other people’s Facebook sites.  But when it comes to sharing stuff about me on social networking sites or on my blog, I don’t know what say. I don’t live a particularly exciting life.  Do people really care what I’m reading? Do they care what I think about LeBron James or Lindsey Lohan? Will they truly be interested in hearing what a great time I had at my grandson’s first birthday? Or that I watched “Ninth Gate” last night? 

When it comes to writing a short story or a novel, I know what interests me, so I write it and put it out there for others to read. But when it comes to sharing about my personal life, I just don’t know what people will care about.

So, if you ‘tweet’  on Twitter or comment on Facebook, tell me what kinds of things you write.  And if you’re an avid follower or friend on Facebook, what do you read? What do you like to know about other people, especially your favorite authors?

Help me out. Toss me a bone. Give me clue!


7 thoughts on “Facebook and Twitter Dummy

  1. Yes, we want to know everything about you. Yes, we care what you think of Lebron and Lindsay and we wonder what you ate for dinner last night, but that’s not what we REALLY want.

    We want to know you’re just like us, but not. Because surely, no mere mortal could churn out such awesome stories. So just throw us a little bone from your life, such as the drive behind your passion for writing, the quirky thing that kept you up last night and how your characters are driving you out of your mind.

    Mystery creates romance-romance your readers.

    • So Ren, basically what you mean is all that stuff we yak about during our crit time on Wednesdays? Like the weird dream I told you about where Death came into my room and screamed in my face? And as soon as I woke, my first thought was “I have to put that in a book!” That means letting the world know what a nut case I am (LOL!)

      Thanks for advice, Ren. I will work on adding more details.

  2. I neither Tweet nor Facebook, so I’m no help there. I can tell you that traditionally romance readers like to know little details about their favorite authors. They tend to feel a sort of kinship with them. For aspiring writers, it helps to know that their faves are real people just like them because it makes their dreams seem more achievable.

    For those who don’t want to know more (and there are some; their interest is limited to the story), they just won’t go to the about page and read.

    • Marilyn,

      I really like getting a peek into my favorite author’s lives. That’s why I’ve enjoyed getting to know you so much. I had the chance to talk to your DH yesterday for about 45 minutes. He as so helpful. After talking to him I saw why Chapter 10 felt sooo wrong. I owe him big time! Thank you, Bob. Thank, you!

  3. Emmylee,

    Yes, I’m the slut who lives in a haunted house. Thanks for remembering. And that’s a good suggestion. I’ll have to share more about the strange things that happen around our house. I appreciate your help, thanks loads.

  4. Lynn,

    Don’t forget that your fan page allows you to show your readers how human you are… right now, I am endlessly entertained by three authors: Christina Dodd, Teresa Medeiros and Jayne Ann Krentz. All are long time authors who know each other. They pimp each other’s releases and send traffic to each other’s sites. But they also pull out old photos and post them and put embarrassing captions on the pics. There’s one picture that Teresa posted of Christina and Jayne at a conference sitting next to each other grinning. She titled it ‘twins separated at birth’. It was just funny. Now I think: these gals are like me! They bust each other’s chops!

    They are human to me now. And they help each other by reminding THEIR readers that one of their own favorite authors has a book release coming out.


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